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Cabrini closure sparks hope for student loan relief

There’s a lot that’s bad about Cabrini closing, but believe it or not, there’s one important benefit: the school’s shutdown gives the opportunity to… Read More

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Cozy Thursdays, a judgement-free zone

The closer the weekend is, the fewer students are seen on Cabrini’s campus. However, the Wolfington Center attracts a small crowd every Thursday from… Read More

It’s official: Cabrini and Villanova reach final agreement

Since this summer, the Cabrini community patiently waited for an update on the conversations between Villanova and Cabrini. At 11 a.m. on Thursday, Nov… Read More

A legacy forged at Cabrini

My family has a 60-year legacy at Cabrini. It started with my mother, Loretta Dellapia O’Fria, who attended the first graduating class of 1961.… Read More

Cabrini’s financial transparency: alumni seek answers

Co-Authored by Andrew Stovenour Transparency is a virtue, but not always a given. Cabrini alumni are still searching for transparency from the university. As… Read More

Rev. Richard Jasper: “Be one with”

On the Top 40 radio stations and local TV commercial breaks of the early 1990s, the perky cheerleader voice repeatedly sang, “At Cabrini College… Read More

Cabrini closure sparks hope for student loan relief

There’s a lot that’s bad about Cabrini closing, but believe it or not, there’s one important benefit: the school’s shutdown gives the opportunity to… Read More

Cabrini hosts The Clothesline Project event

On Wednesday, October 26, students on campus had the opportunity to raise awareness of domestic and interpersonal violence by taking part in the Clothesline… Read More

Challenges ahead for Cabrini’s Children School

The news of Cabrini’s impending closure brought shock over the loss of such a beloved institution. The university isn’t the only school facing an… Read More

Students and athletes join together for Halloween Havoc’s final haunt

On October 26th, athletes and students gathered in the Dixon Center gymnasium for Halloween Havoc one final time. Students flooded the lobby and chatted… Read More

Delco drop-in sessions are here to help

This semester, Cabrini will host Delco Drop-in sessions once a month to support students who have been subjected to trauma. The organization, which specializes… Read More

Cabrini a stage for dance company

The Cabrini Contemporary Dance Company gives students in all different areas of dance the opportunity to perform.

Cabrini recognizes 5-year partnership with CRS

Five years ago Cabrini College signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Catholic Relief Services and became the first institution of higher education to partner with it. On Wednesday, April 7, that partnership was renewed and later celebrated in the Mansion.

Students let loose ‘under the Boardwalk’

The mansion was decorated with a shore atmosphere. There were cut out lifesavers, surfboards and beach balls. Rather then having a photographer take formal pictures, there was a photo booth where students could have fun taking their own pictures.

Giving students something to do, Cap Board offers on and off campus activities

For many college students activities and events to entertain them on the weekends can be an important criteria for attending a college. At Cabrini, the Campus Activities and Programming Board makes sure that there are plenty of activities for students to attend and enjoy.

Cabrini students march with thousands for immigration reform

Hundreds of thousands of people converged on the National Mall in Washington D.C. on Sunday, March 21 in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

Rangers no match for No. 19 Cavs

The Cavaliers worked as a whole and put a stop to Drew University’s 3-0 record by winning 14-7 on Saturday, March 20.

Relay for Life brings crowd to Cabrini

Relay for Life at Cabrini College brings in folks and funds to aid The American Cancer Society in their cancer research.

Students benefit from alumni networking event

Alumni come back to lend a helping hand to job-seeking students.

A day in the life of the Phillie Phanatic

Not only does the Phanatic parade around the ballpark bringing smiles to fans, but he is also part of a movement to encourage the importance of reading.

Speaker says mountaintop removal destroys family history, culture

Larry Gibson, founder of “Keeper of the Mountains,” spoke to the Cabrini College community on Thursday, March 11 about the environmental and human rights issue of coal mining that occurs at the top of his home in West Virginia
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