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Immigration reform protestors in Washington D.C.

Hope for immigrants as Berks County Detention Center closes

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on Wednesday, Nov. 30, that the federal government would end its contract with the Berks County Detention Center.  Located in… Read More

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Cabrini University entrance sign with flower bed and trees

Monumental changes at Cabrini

Update, Nov. 2: In a meeting with faculty, Drinan said she misspoke, and the number of department chairs has not yet been decided. That… Read More
group of students and faculty standing on the steps outside founders hall.

The Loquitur wins 2022 Pinnacle Award

On Oct. 27, Cabrini’s student-run, award-winning paper, the Loquitur, won a third-place finish for Best Campus Engagement and an honorable mention for Diversity Coverage… Read More

Cabrini continues to feel effects of inflation

Many experts fear that the United States is on the verge of another recession, and the Cabrini student body is feeling the effects of… Read More

Cabrini prepares for cold weather

In Pennsylvania, the average annual snowfall is about 38 inches. The incoming winter weather welcomes freezing temperatures and harsh driving conditions. Plenty of people… Read More

Troy Vincent details his fight against domestic violence

In the United States, a woman is assaulted or beaten every nine seconds, and one in every three women is assaulted at some point… Read More

Finding motivation on game day

Game day success starts with a player’s attitude and motivation to win. Researchers found that most high school students are motivated by their intrinsic… Read More

How do I vote as an out-of-state student?

All Americans are eligible to vote on Nov. 8, but can college students vote in their new home state? The short answer is yes.… Read More
Cabrini mansion centered in the frame, surrounded by blue skies and lush, green scenery.

Pt. 2: Cabrini aims for stronger Hispanic, Latino, Latinx community

Hispanic, Latino, and Latinx students at Cabrini represent a tight-knit, small community when compared to their largely white, non-Hispanic peers. The school’s initiatives and… Read More
Students lined up, shuffling across the floor.

Pt. 1: Cabrini aims for stronger Hispanic, Latino, Latinx community

Imagine that this year, during Hispanic Heritage Month, Hispanic, Latino, and Latinx Cabrini students and faculty arrive with plates in hand, inviting the community… Read More
People sitting and staring down on a paper, reviewing its content.

The Loquitur is free press

Freedom of the press is guaranteed by the First Amendment and is an integral part of our democracy. The Loquitur, Cabrini’s own press outlet,… Read More

Speaker says mountaintop removal destroys family history, culture

Larry Gibson, founder of “Keeper of the Mountains,” spoke to the Cabrini College community on Thursday, March 11 about the environmental and human rights issue of coal mining that occurs at the top of his home in West Virginia

Philadelphia community celebrates love, hope for Haiti

At an event held on March 7 at Grover Washington Middle School, many Haitian citizens as well as Haitian-Americans gathered together for a fund raising concert. The event was hosted by the Haitian Community Help Center and consisted of influential speakers and leaders of the Haitian community, singers, poets and politicians who attended to show their support.

Haitian remembers county’s earthquake devastation

Many Haitians are stuck without a place to stay, food to eat and medical attention. Disease is everywhere because of the dead bodies that are still on the streets.

Men’s lacrosse on the rise

Senior attackman Casey Grugan set the career points record in the Cavaliers’ win over Kenyon College on Saturday, March 13th.

Trade schools provide alternative to college

Trade school has become an opportunity for many students in the Philadelphia area to further their education at affordable rates.

Holy Spirit Library showcases contemporary art

Many works of local artist Lorraine Glassner are on display on the second floor of the Holy Spirit Library.

Poverty pushes poor Guatemalans to seek hope in Philly

Nine years ago, a woman from Guatemala made a decision that would change her life forever.

‘Pandemonium’ arises at the Cabrini College Theater

The Cabrini College Theater is working hard once again to put on a spectacular show for the college community. The theater is currently rehearsing for the spring musical, “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee,” which will open in March.

Play2 redefines entertainment in Philadelphia

Looking for a good time? Welcome to Play2, the next generation of sports bar entertainment in South Philly.

Campus assaults most under-reported crime, study finds

Victims of sexual assault tend not to report their assaults to campus security officers or to the police, according to the Center for Public Integrity.