Soccer team ‘kicks off’ fundraising

By Danielle Alio
April 24, 2010

(From left) Alyssa Ciccone, Courtney Hathaway, Mandi Smith, Sam Stiles, Jess Balluch, Kait Vent, Mary Stevens and Becca Rothemich outside of the neon-themed dance SAM STILES/SUBMITTED PHOTO

The women’s soccer team held a fundraising dance in Grace Hall on April 22.  The proceeds are going towards a team trip overseas to play in a soccer tournament.  The group plans to travel out of the country in 2011.

“Right now it’s narrowed down to Greece, China and Germany so we’re raising money for that,” Dana Nardello, junior special and elementary education major, said.

The soccer team hoped to raise at least $500 from the dance.  The whole team attended to work at the dance.

“A lot of people at this school like to go to dances.  It’s one of the big social things on campus so we thought one of the biggest moneymakers would be doing a dance because it brings the school together and most people come to it,” Katie Smith, freshman elementary and special education major, said.

The team was hoping for a good turn out and that there would be a greater attendance then at most dances. To attract people to attend the dance, the entrance fee was $3. Smith said that the team decided on $3 because it was not too much or too little for college students to handle.

The dance started at 10 p.m. and lasted to 1 a.m. The theme of the dance was “Neon.” “My little sister actually thought of it.  I asked her ‘What kind of theme would you like to do, like what should we do for a dance?’ and she said, “Go neon and black lights and do something crazy like that,’” Kara Hinkelmon, sophomore exercise science major, said.

The team has currently raised $300 toward their trip.  “We raised it doing a pretzel sale. We do a concession stand and then throughout next year, we are doing a lot of stuff too.” Nardello said.

In total, the soccer team needs $60,000 in order for the whole team to take part in the trip.

“We went to Brazil in 2008 and we raised enough for everyone to just pay $160 at the end so hopefully we will do that again,” Nardello said.

For some of the team, this is their first time going away with their team members.  “I wasn’t allowed to go last year because I was only an incoming freshman and I think it is a great way for everyone to interact with each other and collect money,” Hinkelmon said.

“We are collecting ink cartridges right now; so if anyone has any, we’ll take them.” Hinkelmon said.

Michelle Kane, sophomore psychology major, said that the team is looking good this year and that they will be even better once the new freshmen come in.

“I always wanted to go to Europe anyway so I’m glad I get to go with my team. I get closer to them and bond with them and going to another country I think is awesome,” Kane said.

Danielle Alio

Danielle Alio
Cabrini College '12
The Loquitur Manging Editor
LOQation Executive Producer
WYBF FM - On Air DJ/Assistant Production Director
Cabrini College Theater-Stage Crew/Actress

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