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Cabrini day: day of empowerment

Cabrini day is a celebration of the mission and heritage of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini.

Andy Zipfel speaks to communication majors

Andy Zipfel, a Cabrini College graduate, believes in using dedication and determination to get where you want to be in life. Zipfel spoke to all of the communication majors in the Widener Lecture Hall on Friday, Oct. 29.

PBandU: peanut butter lovers, get excited

A new restaurant designed with college students in mind has just recently opened in the heart of Wayne. PBandU is a place where you can enjoy four different types of homemade peanut butter with practically anything else you can think of.

Homeless man shares story with ECG class

Speaking during class was hard for Sherwin to do, but his struggle made the class understand the lessons that could be learned about judging the homeless without first knowing their story.

Dreams take shape in dorm

Juliano and Sloyer are taking their talents beyond recreation. The two students are using their studio professionally in hopes of making it into the music business.

New friend request, it’s your mom

Attention: there is a new and entertaining way for parents to stalk your every move. That’s right, our beloved Facebook is being used in offices, homes and coffee shops all over the place by parents who now dedicate all of their time to making their children’s lives miserable. Let me clarify, more miserable than before.

Gossip Girl

Wyclef Jean Even though Wyclef Jean couldn’t be the president of Haiti, his new career as a professor at the prestigious Brown University should… Read More

Stud and Dud of the Week

Stud of the Week With the release of her new fashion line for Khol’s, this is the week for MTV actress, Lauren Conrad. Conrad… Read More

Wing Bowl: Students getting spicy in the Marketplace

Any chance for Cabrini College students to eat free food, especially wings, they come out in masses.

Catfish Movie Review: “The Best Hitchcock Film, That Hitchcock Never Directed”

The recently released documentary, “Catfish,” holds the unofficial title as “The Best Hitchcock Film, That Hitchcock Never Directed.” The documentary follows the story of… Read More

Watershed ECG wins award

The award will recognize a group of 35 students and professors during a ceremony at the Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association located in Ambler, Pa. on Wednesday, May 9.

Compost dumpsite at Cabrini

Most students, faculty and staff are unaware of the extensive measures taken to ensure the environmental sustainability of Cabrini College.

Contraception edict on horizon?

The Obama Administration’s recent contraception ruling will have an effect on Cabrini College-provided health insurance.

Fall 2011 Open House

Beautiful Fall weather boosted attendance of high school students for Sunday's open house.

Getting down to Earth: 7 Billion babies on plant earth and counting

The world celebrated the historic birth of the seven billionth baby on Monday Oct. 31. Although specific babies born on that day were chosen to represent the population increase, the United Nations noted how impossible it is to know exactly where or when the seven billionth person was born due to the millions of births and deaths that occur every day.

White House advisor speaks to Cabrini community

Lynn Rosenthal, White House Advisor on Violence Against Women, changed the speech she prepared after attending the events of the Domestic Violence Symposium held on Tuesday, Oct. 4.

Town hall forum addresses cyberbullying

A town meeting on social media and online harassment was held on Tuesday, Sept. 27.

Marketplace greets students with big changes

The doors to the Marketplace were opened for the first meal time since the anticipated renovations on Thursday, Aug. 24. It was an exciting day for students and faculty alike as the Marketplace served its first full-course meal to the entire Cabrini community.

Love knows no age: students embarks on life-long relationship

They met by pure happenstance. Two young students, Amy Rodden and Dan Ferrell didn’t know that five days after they met they would begin… Read More

Class of 2011: Meet your valedictorian

The class of 2011's valedictorian is Stephanie Iaccarino.


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