PBandU: peanut butter lovers, get excited

By Sarah Luckert
October 27, 2010

A new restaurant designed with college students in mind has just recently opened in the heart of Wayne. PBandU is a place where you can enjoy four different types of homemade peanut butter with practically anything else you can think of.

Mercury Amodio, owner of PBandU, and her team of “PBologists” do everything they can to make peanut butter a part of their daily lives.

“PBandU pretty much started as a joke. It was a family thing that we thought of when we were little,” Amodio said. “I was one out of five of my siblings that came up with the idea.”

The idea of the store is that you can get peanut butter and whatever else you want. First you get to pick your bread. You have a choice between wonderbread white, wheat, gluten-free bread and a variety of bagels. An option to toast the bread is also available.

After you pick your bread you get the choice of four different types of homemade peanut butter including creamy, home style, super chunky, and chocolate.

Following the bread and peanut butter come the toppings. Numerous toppings are available including everything from apples and carrots to pickles and bacon.

“My favorite creation at this time is the peanut butter, apple and cheddar,” Amodio said.

PBandU doesn’t offer just your typical sandwich though. Peanut butter fondue, pizza and even smooties are also available.

PBandU is the perfect place for everyone. Being open until 1 AM on Fridays and Saturdays is a great idea. College students are always looking for a new place to go and eat late at night.

“We really have two target markets, families with kids and college students,” Amodio said.

When you enter PBandU you instantly get an understanding for the love of peanut butter. Amodio hired a designer who came in and created tables and a counter that resemble a peanut. PBandU is also equipped with a play section made just for kids.

Yang Lau and Cyrus Larijani work together to help make PBandU exactly what it is today, a place of fun and excitement.

“Our peanut butter is made from real honey roasted peanuts,” Larijani said. “There are no additional additives.”

PBandU can also be a great job opportunity for students looking for a unique place of work.

“We could have up to at least five employees at our busy time of the day which is lunch,” Amodio said.

The peanut butter may be amazing but it is not available for purchase to take home as of yet. There are a few FDA guidelines that would have to be followed that are expected to be talked about in the near future.

PBandU is the perfect place for an inexpensive, new and exciting eating experience. You have to have some love for peanut butter if you are going to even think of stepping foot in these doors.

PBandU is a restaurant where you can either eat there or take it home with you. PBandU offers sandwiches that vary from $3.50-$4.00 and peanut butter fondue for $5.00.


(484) 367-7799

163 East Lancaster Ave.
Wayne, PA 19087

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Sarah Luckert

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