Love knows no age: students embarks on life-long relationship

By Sarah Luckert
April 28, 2011

They met by pure happenstance. Two young students, Amy Rodden and Dan Ferrell didn’t know that five days after they met they would begin a relationship that would eventually lead to an engagement.

On Aug. 4, 2007, Rodden and Ferrell were introduced to each other for the first time. From then on the initial connection they shared only blossomed and flourished.

Rodden was hoping for her 19th birthday, Ferrell would plan a great celebration.  He told her they would be spending the day at the aquarium.  Little did she know he had much more planned.

“I was obviously ecstatic about going to the aquarium and as soon as we walked in the door I rushed right to the sea turtles,” Rodden said. “I was maneuvering my way through the crowds as quickly as I could and I had no idea, until afterwards, the amount of stress I had been putting Dan under.”

When they arrived at the exhibit, they waited for the sea turtles to make their way to where they were looking.

“For me, it was taking much too long so I decided to move towards them and we wandered off to a smaller window,” Rodden said.

As Rodden and Ferrell were standing right in front of the window, two turtles slowly swam by.

“I was absolutely in love with the sight of those turtles,” Rodden said. “I was concentrating so hard on the view, that when Dan asked me if I had wanted to see the gift he got me for my birthday I completely ignored him.”

Suddenly, Rodden looked over at Ferrell as he knelt down on one knee, and asked Rodden to marry him.

“I began to unexplainably cry after I said yes,” Rodden said. “Although I was so happy, my crying caused mass confusion for the children around us in the aquarium.”

Rodden and Ferrell both understand the controversy about being engaged at such a young age but they are both confident about their relationship.

“I do not believe that there is much reason for us to wait to be engaged,” Rodden said. “We do plan on taking our time before we get married.

Being young and in love makes it difficult to receive everyone’s approval, including family and friends. The couple began dating during the summer before Rodden’s junior year of high school and Ferrell’s sophomore year at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, in Lancaster, Pa. Some of the young couple’s friends wanted to voice to them that they thought that dating wouldn’t be in their best interests.

“Obviously, we refused to listen to their advice on dating and long distance relationships,” Rodden said, “and look, we have been together ever since.”

Obstacles are bound to occur in anyone’s life but Rodden and Ferrell have stayed strong throughout everything. With the help of fate, Rodden and Ferrell share many of the same interests that turn out to be the glue to their relationship.

“We both find interest in many of the same things,” Rodden said. “But it’s the differences that we have that make our relationship what it is.”

Both individuals have a lot of responsibilities including work and school.

“Dan doesn’t attend Cabrini and at times it can be difficult,” Rodden said. “Dan lives close enough to campus that when there are events he always tries to come.”

At the very least Rodden and Ferrell see each other five times a week, some days for short periods of time.

“We both have obligations that require our complete attention, and we have a mutual understanding about that,” Rodden said.

As far as plans for a wedding go, Rodden and Ferrell have decided to wait until they can devote enough time to planning the entire ceremony and reception.

Sophomore, Amy Rodden and fiancé Dan Ferrell have been engaged for two years.

“The only absolute thing that we have planned out for sure is that we will be married by Dan’s father who is a deacon and has the ability to marry his children,” Rodden said.

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Sarah Luckert

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