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Working on and off campus to effectively raise awareness

After growing up around a family that does not abide by the law, a change is what Mariel Delacruz is reaching for. Making a change in society is important to Delacruz. Even before Delacruz was a freshman in college, she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

Some students take more than 4 years to get degree

The “Finish in Four” poster tells us how to get through college in four years. Will it work for every student? If you’re a student that knows your major right away. Do not have too many expenses so work study is enough for you every two weeks. Have good time management then the advice of finish in four will work for you.

Women’s soccer keeps streak alive with win

Cabrini’s Women’s soccer team dominated Marywood University 3-0. The Cavs connected on one goal in the first period and two goals in the second. The win advances the Lady Cavs to 6-0 in the CSAC and 7-6 overall.

Field hockey continues win streak

Cabrini College field hockey team won 8-2 against Marywood on family day. Saturday Oct. 4 marked the day Cabrini field hockey continues CSAC 2-0. Junior Kerry Farrell’s first goal marks her 100th career point. Farrell scored the first goal in the first 15 seconds, assisted by Senior Karlie Gruccio.

What is a basic b****? Are you one?

How would you feel if someone called you “basic”? In a way, being called basic isn’t funny. Most people are offended by this word. On the other hand, people use it in a joking way. Are you “basic”?

Enjoy staying active at the Dixon center.

Want to stay active on campus? No worries. The Dixon Center offers many intramural sport teams, clubs and even outdoor adventures. For the intramural… Read More

College expectations versus reality

Pep rallies, step teams and Greek life. A campus that is way too big you wil not even see the same person twice. Have… Read More

Students learn about inbound marketing during networking event

As graduation approaches, the seniors are focusing on their possible job opportunities. Senior and junior communication students had an opportunity to visit Stream Companies,… Read More

Optical Realities—cross cultural training: There is a bigger story to trauma

Take a look at a homeless person or a student with anger issues. Nine times out of 10 when you encounter these people you… Read More

New V.P. of adult and professional programs helps students see potential

A new vice president has been put in place and is here to help students believe in themselves. If any of the students believe… Read More

Convergence of childhood obesity and hunger Preview

The topic of childhood obesity and hunger will be brought to Grace Hall this month. This is a significant topic about how both issues… Read More

Student Diversity office and Wolfington Center hold MLK Day event

Everyone has their own definition of service. Service is supposed to put an effect on people lives and help them through a hard time.… Read More

Police brutality must come to a stop

  Are the police officers just doing their jobs, or are their actions considered police brutality? There have been many situations that have happened… Read More

College students have alcoholic tendencies, students say

College drinking can vary from a little buzz to not remembering what you did the day before. There are students that consume alcohol everyday. So what is the difference between alcoholism and college drinking?

Mr. and Miss Cabrini 2014 Pageant

And the winners of 2014 Mr. and Miss Cabrini pageant are Colin Kilroy and Lauren Hight. Both contestants competed along with 10 other students. Everyone was waiting for the winners to be crowned.

Is pregaming before dances the only way to go?

It’s nothing new that college students drink before going out or to a party.


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