New V.P. of adult and professional programs helps students see potential

By Najah Dingle
February 18, 2015

New VP of adult and professional programs Marguerite Weber. (
New VP of adult and professional programs Marguerite Weber. (

A new vice president has been put in place and is here to help students believe in themselves. If any of the students believe there is no future for them or are stuck, Cabrini has a new way to help. Vice president for adult and professional programs, Marguerite Weber, will be bringing something life changing  to Cabrini.
After many potential vice presidents were evaluated to join Cabrini, they ended up with a women who will be your thought partner.

Weber has an education background that consists of many degrees: a bachelor degree of arts in literature, master of arts in adult education and a certificate of advanced graduate study in rhetoric, master of arts in English, graduate certificate in institutional research, a doctorate of arts in higher education and English.

Weber came from a childhood where the girls in the family were not allowed to get an education. So she decided to leave her home and put herself through college. She ended up working full time with three jobs as an undergraduate.

She did not have it easy as a child. Her experiences and education influenced the person she is today. Her job is to help graduate and undergraduate students by building programs into schools so they can have a better chance of high education. She is a guide and she helps all sorts of students find that light within themselves.

The plans Weber has for Cabrini is to build a program where adults can turn to if they do not have the option of staying on campus but still want to be a part of this school. She want to give them more online options. She also want to incorporate everything she has done before in her line of education such as helping people get what they need in order to get where they want to be.

Weber says the best way to guide someone is to not say “You can do it!” or “I know how you feel.” Her way of doing things is to come from a place of honesty and to guide them by saying “this is what it’s going to take, this is what you need and this is how I can help you get what you need. Now you have to put the effort in and I’ll walk you through it,” Weber said.

“You can change your stars. Effort helps you through college not intelligence,” Weber said.

Weber is inspired by a researcher named Carol Dweck who speaks about the mindset of learning.

According to Dweck, intelligence is not inherited, it’s learned. Also the kind of effort you put in will determine  your results.

The mission of Cabrini has a lot to do with why Weber fell in love with this college and wanted to be apart it.

“I fell in love with Cabrini. Everybody is so excited with the mission and having a big impact on students, that is the work I like to do. It’s a good fit,” Weber said.

This is Weber’s first time in the position of Vice President and she is very excited about it and can not wait to start making a difference in people’s lives.

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Najah Dingle

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