Is pregaming before dances the only way to go?

By Najah Dingle
November 19, 2014

It’s nothing new that college students drink before going out or to a party.

Despite the rules students have to follow and the strict RAs, pregaming and thirsty thursdays will always be a thing in college history.

It’s true not all students drink, but a majority do. The question is, will you have fun at an on campus party sober? “I do not think that you need extra substances to have a good time,” sophomore Marketa Johnson said.

Music always makes the party 100 percent better.

But what if the music sucks?

You still want to have a good time and “turn up.” In order to do so, alcohol will be involved.

Students tend to complain about the parties on campus because of the music so being sober will make you more focused on the down part of the party instead of just enjoying yourself.

“I would go to an on campus party without being drunk, but I most likely won’t enjoy myself as much as the people around me,” sophomore Cameron Monroe said.

Imagine you are at a party and the people around you are having the time of their lives not thinking about anything but a good time.

Yes, they just might be drunk but that is just what happens at a college party.

There are rules that are to be followed such as students under 21 are not allowed to have alcohol.

If you are over 21 of course you are allowed to drink, but you do have limits. You can not drink with anyone under the age of 21.

“Rules are unfair to students who are 21 and over that are allowed to drink,” sophomore Jordan Floyd said.

When going to a party on campus, people always end up a hour or more late. They are drunk and everybody knows it even public safety.

Since they are aware of students being intoxicated what stops them from making everyone go home?

Not everyone there are sloppy drunk so they allow everyone to have a good time. There are limits though.

If a student is overly drunk meaning vomiting or causing trouble then they will get escorted out of the party.

Students are more likely to get written up if they get caught drinking in the dorms.

This is because there are obvious rules. “The RAs have a job to do and a purpose to fulfill,” sophomore Marketa Johnson said. The RAs are not going to not do their jobs if you put them in that position to do so.

There are pros and cons to this situation.

One of the cons are, “They know everybody is drinking and they do it as well so what makes them think students should listen to them,” Johnson said.

A pro is, “They are aware of what their residence are doing and they make sure they won’t overdo it.”

“I do not think you need extra substances to have a good time. I want to remember the fun I had that night,” Johnson said.


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Najah Dingle

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