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New AL DÍA scholarship allows LatinX communication students to find their voice

The sound of applause echoed off the mansion walls as Cabrini’s President Donald Taylor and Hernán Guaracao, founder and CEO of AL DÍA, shook hands,… Read More

Changing ‘Alien’ to ‘Undocumented’ acknowledges immigrants’ humanity

Alien. One word can change how people view a person. When someone hears this, the first thing they think is an extraterrestrial. People don’t… Read More

The real meaning behind Cinco de Mayo

Editor’s Note: This first appeared on the Cabrini University Blog Cinco de Mayo, held annually on May 5, is a time to celebrate for… Read More

36 seniors receive the Who’s Who award

Shannon Agnew: early childhood education PreK-4 with special education PreK-8 I think my most significant contribution at Cabrini was to the athletic department. I was… Read More

How universities are preparing for another year of COVID-19

It has been a year since the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 pandemic.  Throughout the year, many places have struggled, and that includes… Read More

Women continue tradition of female leadership at Cabrini

Throughout history, women have struggled with equality. That’s why we have history months to celebrate individual groups. Cabrini University was started by two empowered… Read More

How history books will include the US Capitol attack

During the past year, many historical moments took place. Many of these events are forming our history and our future. These moments that we… Read More

What you should know about the upcoming election

After the president serves four years in office, it’s election time. The people decide to elect someone new or re-elect the current president for… Read More

Major league stadiums serving as polling sites for 2020 election

During the presidential elections, there are many places where one can go vote. Some places might be schools and libraries. However, the polling places… Read More

New executive board of the Black Student Union holds interest meeting

The Black Student Union (BSU) held an interest meeting for new students to join them by using ice-breakers, having deep discussions and talking about… Read More

A new club that creates excitement and adventure: the rock climbing club

 A new club as of the Spring 2020 semester is the Rock Climbing Club. This club was founded by Max Silverman, freshman communication major,… Read More

Why might other majors need a professional development course

When students graduate from college, some students want to get a job straight out of college though it isn’t always easy for college graduates… Read More

The new coming of age show on Netflix called “Sex Education”

Everyone goes through that awkward stage of puberty. During puberty people learn more about their sexuality or how to have safe sex.  “Sex Education”… Read More

A Netflix era coming to an end

Back before the internet, when you wanted to watch a show, you had to wait for a specific time to view it. But in… Read More

How living and learning communities can help students

Most students going into college worried that they won’t make friends or that they won’t find their way through college. Others just come to college… Read More

What’s going on with Trump’s impeachment inquiry

Throughout history, there have been 19 impeachment trials, though only two of those have been United States presidents. Though no U.S. president has ever… Read More

Students thinking pink at breast cancer awareness event

Every month campus has an event for heritage or awareness months. The campus has these events so that they can raise awareness for an… Read More

Social justice advocate and professor, Abel Rodriguez, wants students to discuss current global issues

Abel Rodriguez, director of the center on immigration and assistant professor of religion, law, and social justice is one of the many Cabrini alumni… Read More

CRU5H manager, Lloyd, wants to put students’ needs first

Campus and Sodexo, a food service company, have been working together for five years. Many students see the workers but don’t know too much… Read More

How I struggled not letting my undocumented status define who I am

Never let someone tell you who you are because you write your journey. Don’t let yourself get defeated by a small obstacle. You can… Read More