CRU5H manager, Lloyd, wants to put students’ needs first

By America Lopez-Santiago
October 9, 2019

Campus and Sodexo, a food service company, have been working together for five years. Many students see the workers but don’t know too much about them. Some workers are more well known even though some students have never talked to those workers. Wagih Husseiny, also known as Lloyd, is a worker that is well known around campus.
Lloyd, in his office located near CRU5H. Photo by America Lopez-Santiago.
Lloyd was born and raised in Egypt. After he finished high school, he moved to Europe when he was around 17. He moved to Europe because his brother and sister lived in Italy, so he stayed with them for a while. Lloyd remained in Italy for a year, and then in 1998, he moved to the United States. He moved to the states so he could go to George Washington University, but didn’t finish his studies because of financial issues.
The reason he left Egypt was that he wanted a better life and future for himself. Lloyd didn’t think that he could find what he was looking for back in Egypt. Coming to the U.S was a long process for Lloyd, but it wasn’t hard for him to get settled. He started to work after he couldn’t finish college.
Lloyd started from the bottom by working as a busboy to climbing the ladder and starting his own business around 2005. He opened his restaurant when he lived in Texas, where he met his ex-wife. After having his restaurant for three years, he and his ex-wife moved to Los Angeles, California, because of a job opportunity his ex-wife had in California. After a while, Lloyd and his former wife moved back to Philadelphia for a couple of years. While he lived in Philadelphia, he worked as a general manager at a restaurant called Manic. After a while, he decided to move back to Texas to own his own franchise deli called Murphy’s Deli in Houston, Texas.
Around 2012, Lloyd got a divorce and sold his franchise. He then moved back to Philadelphia and went on vacation back to Egypt. While he was back in Egypt, he met his current wife and married her while back home. His dad and her dad were both military sergeants who worked together. They met through their parents and dated for seven months before getting married.
Lloyd started working with Sodexo when he came back from Egypt as a cook. After working with Sodexo for a while, he became a supervisor on campus. He helped Sodexo create Late Night, where you used to be able to get food at night. Lloyd called Late Night “his place,” and every student knew that when they got food there.
Lloyd checking on items at CRU5H. Photo by America Lopez-Santiago.
“Lloyd has always been a really nice person to the students and to me, especially when CRU5H first opened and my order wasn’t exactly right,” Selena Scialfa, early childhood and special education major, said. “He stood up for me, and the workers didn’t want to add something simple to my order, and was able to get that done. He apologized on behalf of his staff when he did nothing wrong, so it shows that he’s very caring.”
This semester Lloyd became the retail manager for CRU5H. He applied to the position last semester when they were hiring for the position. The transition from Late Night to CRU5H wasn’t easy at first for him or anyone on the team, but after getting organized, they were able to feel more comfortable.
“At first Lloyd was like my supervisor when we worked at Late Night, and now he’s my manager at CRU5H. He’s such a great guy he’s so funny. He has this outgoing feeling to him, basically, anything goes.” Amir Moon, food service cashier at Sodexo at CRU5H, said.
Since CRU5H has been open, Lloyd is happier with his new job and feels like he can help students more.
Lloyd working on the register at CRU5H. Photo by America Lopez-Santiago.
“I try to be a happy person and to make everyone happy. Treat people how I want to be treated. I am thankful for you guys because if you weren’t here, we wouldn’t have a job,” Lloyd said. “We have to appreciate you guys as much as we can, and most of you know we try to appreciate you. I always tell students if there isn’t something that is working out or something you don’t like to tell me because we will try to fix the problem.”

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America Lopez-Santiago

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