Working for Google

By Jessica Wegelin
October 16, 2008

What am I going to do when I graduate? That is the big question flowing out of many students’ mouths all around campus.

When you’re younger you have these big dreams as to what you are going to become and anything feels possible.

As I flipped through the TV channels this past summer, I came across the dream job. Who would have thought working for Google would be so much fun and well paid all at the same time. I mean honestly, who really has fun when they are working?

Google seems like the best job out there these days even though it is nearly impossible to get one. Apparently you have to graduate from an Ivy League school to get a job working for Google. They hire people who want to get their work done even though they have plenty of exciting distractions around them. The Google environment is a positive atmosphere filled with people who are committed to creating perfect new pieces of technology and having a fun time doing it.

To be the best you have to be treated like the best. Google offers so many different accommodations to make the workplace more of a relaxed, stress free environment.

Google provides custom detailing for Segways, motorized scooters and other ways of transportation; Google employees about to have a baby are able to receive 12 weeks of maternity leave, and those women who are older and still have yet to become a mother receive two weeks of “Crushing Sense of Incompleteness Leave,” which is 50 percent paid.

There is a shuttle bus which takes you to and from work everyday. What a great way to save the environment.

For those who are looking to take a break from their computers, they have on-sight massage therapy, volleyball pit, fruit smoothies, basketball courts and so much more right at your finger tips. You are allowed to take breaks whenever you need to and use all the on site facilities that Google has to offer.

What a great life sitting back getting a free massage right there at your work place. At Google, the work is left up to you to get accomplished, so they give you all the free time you need so you can handle different tasks stress- free.

Kicking back, enjoying a smoothie and doing some work would be my ideal job. I feel as though more jobs should offer the laid back atmosphere because people will be more willing to do work. They will enjoy their job and not feel as stressed about the work load they are given.

Google is one of the best companies to work for so other companies out there should look at them for direction when it comes to being successful.

If the employee is having fun working, they are going to do better work for their employer.

Have you ever heard anyone say they never want to leave work, well that’s the buzz around the Google workplace. A workplace without stress is an unemployed person’s dream.

It isn’t easy to land a job with Google, but I can always dream about it and hope the job I get when I graduate has some of the same benefits as Google.

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Jessica Wegelin

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