Women’s soccer goes through another preseason

By Jatara Allen
September 9, 2015

The cav’s will visit Delaware Valley University on Friday. Photo from CabriniAthletics.com

Preseason for the women’s soccer team has been nothing less than hard work and fun times. When the women hit the playing field it seems like they’ve never left one another. There is no doubt in their mind that preseason allows them to be well prepared when the season rolls around.

“There is definitely a lot of running and sweating,” Marissa Jenkins, junior goalkeeper, said.

Preseason this time around was a bit longer but the team felt like it was well worth it. It gets them in shape to play 90 minutes. It allows them to get closer as a team and develop team bonding skills.

However, the beginning did not turn out the way they expected. The women’s soccer team fell to 0-1 with their first loss to Haverford College.

The reconstructed turf field has been an amazing addition for the Cavaliers.

“The new turf field lets other teams know that this is our home and we’re here to play,” Jenkins said. “The new turf allows others to know they are in our home.”

They have lost a few key players so the team has to work and push twice as hard

if they want to stay on top.

The women Cavaliers are still struggling to gain their momentum back. They stumbled again against Rutgers-Camden. With the help of Taylor Tralie and Brittany Runyen, the Cavaliers made a comeback. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t good enough. They fell short to a score of 4-1.

Marissa Jenkins has been a great contributor to the team as their top goalie. She expressed how much faith she has in her team and knows that if they just keep pushing, there will not be anything in the way of their fifth CSAC championship.

On the back of the women’s warmup shirts it has the word “drive.” Jenkins thought that was a unique word because their coach always says to them, “Drive for five,” meaning they are going to push for that fifth CSAC championship. It gives them all the more ambition to never settle.

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Jatara Allen

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