What is so new about 2017?

By Kelly Bush
February 10, 2017

Graphic Design by Kelly Bush

“New year new me”, seems to be the thing people say every year.

No, they are not really a new person but what does it really mean?

New mindset, new responsibilities, or is it really just a saying?

Sometimes people say things because it is just the “thing to do”. Every new year there is always a few people on social media sites with the “New Year, New Me” caption. Everyone who did or did not post the caption has a reason as to why.

“The saying is taken so lightly that people say it and never go through with it”, Aliyah Mason, freshman, psychology major said.

People should not feel like they have to change just because it is a new year. Some people go into the new year with a positive attitude.

“I feel like it doesn’t change anything about you, it’s just a new calendar year,” Timothy Atallah, criminology major.

According to Marist Poll, about 44 percent of Americans say they will make a new year’s resolution.

Many people believe that not only a new year starts a fresh slate but it gives them a better mindset to which gives them the ability to make changes to their life. This change can be given from a variety of different reason such as a healthier living style, contributing more in a certain interest or even doing better in school.

Although, there is a tossup between people who achieve their “New Year New Me” goals and those who are just all talk.

According to Pew research center about 72 percent of people say they will remember and keep their resolutions.

The saying “New Year, New Me” may feel necessary to some but not to all.

“I don’t think I’ll ever use it, at least not seriously” Danielle Jackson, computer science major, said.

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Kelly Bush

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