What if Romney won?

By Rocco Del Monte
November 1, 2012

When I think of this whole election I cannot help but to think “what if.” Both candidates have different opinions on certain policies and topics pertaining to our nation.

My family are all die-hard Republicans. They are expecting me to vote for presidential candidate Mitt Romney because they all agree with his views and the changes he wants to make in our country.

Before I vote I want to think about the “What if.” If I had Mitt Romney as a president how would I be affected? How would his changes affect my future and my personal being?

One change that Romney wants to make that will negatively affect me would be the change to the healthcare reform law. Romney would make his top priority would to be undoing everything Obama has done to make his healthcare reform. This will make it very hard for me as a student to afford healthcare. This would make it impossible to be on my mother’s health care plan, so in the end I would be without healthcare and deeper in debt.

Romney also plans on cutting funding to the Planned Parenthood. This would not be a good thing in today’s society because most rely on Planed Parenthood for a lot more than just abortions. Planed Parenthood also offers free breast exams to those who can not afford to go to a doctor and for those who are embarrassed for other sexual disease they can get treatment and help at Planned Parenthood.

Without the funding for this organization think of all of those who would be affected, all of the people that would go without knowing if they have breast cancer or any form of an STD that in turn would go untreated. I know Romney is pro-life and I respect his opinion but I do not think a president should force his personal opinion onto the public who should be able to decide for themselves.

When it comes to student loans most students do not want to think about the debt we will all be in.  Romney states loud and clear that he wants to limit the government’s role in student lending. He wants to re-introduced private firms into the federal student loan market; he thought behind this is that it would lower the default rates that are driven by the unchecked debt and the high unemployment rate.

Student loans are no joke and without government funding it going to become even harder to pay and harder to achieve a college degree. Without a college degree our generation is not going to get very far. I find it appalling that he would want to rob those who cannot afford college on their own of their success and a chance to better their lives.

The one thing I that I do think Romney would do that would help better our country is his plan to veto the DREAM act. This act grants permanent residence to the children of illegal immigrants who serve in the military or are pursuing a higher education. Romney plans to veto the act and I think is a good idea because pursuing a higher education should require residence in the country that it is being pursued in. In a way I believe this is cheating the system of education and showing that it is easy to illegally immigrate to the US and do whatever you want basically.

Romney has his flaws and so does Obama, I believe that both should not be underestimated and should both be heard out by the people. If you do not know much about what each candidate wants to do then do some research and do not just jump on the bandwagon.

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Rocco Del Monte

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