Weather breaking, style changing

By Jessica Johnson-Petty
April 18, 2012





“Patriotic style! I love it because it’s unique and fun.”

Ariel Brown 

sophomore, criminal justice major





“My dress is my favorite part of my outfit of course! Forever 21.”

Alexandra Saboe

junior, communication major

“My ripped sides are my favorite part of this outfit.”

Robert Selmer

freshman, biology major premed

“I got this lace shirt from Delia’s a few years ago  and it’s one of my favorites.”

Samanth Ysais

sophomore, English and secondary education major

“I love my shoes because they’re EXPLODING with color.”

Delany Hoffman

sophomore, human resources major

“My favorite thing about my outfit are my sneakers. I designed them myself using Nike ID.”

Adrian Prawl

junior, psychology major

Jessica Johnson-Petty

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