Wake up and smell the reality of the real world

By Vickie Papageorge
March 22, 2007

With graduation around the corner, the real world is looking many seniors in the face. Seniors in colleges across the nation are at the brink of becoming real contributing citizens to the world. Where are you supposed to start and where do you go from here? What does it feel like to be a “real person” in the “real world?”

These answers lie with each separate individual. When asked where he pictures himself in the next 10 years, Michael Berliere, a senior history and political science major, said, “I see myself hopefully teaching at the college level, living in a house of my own, with kids and a wife.” He, like many other college graduates, plans to attend graduate school at Villanova University after graduation, to further his education.

“I plan to live a stable life, nothing exciting. Life is already exciting. I hope to travel a lot and make the most of it,” Berliere said with a smile that exuded a confident attitude and excitement. He also hopes to write a book one day and just live life.

When asked about his fears in terms of his future, Berliere said, “Fears? I guess a fear would be that I won’t be able to get a job and also, getting eaten by a shark.”

Gail Ziegler, a senior English and communication major, shared the enthusiasm for graduation. Ziegler said, “I am excited but since I’m going on to school it doesn’t really feel like I’m graduating, but I will miss Cabrini. I really liked it here.”

Ziegler will also be continuing her education at American University, taking part in their public communication masters program. After her schooling she hopes to be working in public relations in Philadelphia. She’s also thinking about going on for her Ph.D.

“The first couple years are going to be hard. It takes a while to make a decent salary in the profession I’m going into.” Ziegler said. “I’m really dreading having to pay bills also and the fact that I’ll be 31 in 10 years.”

While some students silently dread graduation and are savoring each day they have left at Cabrini, most students share an enthusiastic, positive and confident outlook towards graduating and beginning their lives.

Berliere finished with a last bit of excitement and insight. “I’m excited to move forward. Life can only be lived forward and learned backward,” he said.

For most, graduating is a stepping-stone into the rest of their lives. Graduates and upperclassmen can be left with an inspiring quote by Henry David Thoreau,

“All endeavor calls for the ability to tramp the last mile, shape the last plan, endure the last hours’ toil. The fight to the finish spirit is this one.character we must possess if we are to face the future as finishers.”

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Vickie Papageorge

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