Valley Forge housing raises problems

By Christina Cimmino
September 22, 2006

Shane Evans

This year, a group of Cabrini students are living on the Valley Forge Military Academy and College campus. Twenty-one transfer students and one resident assistant are now living in Putnam, the apartment building that Cabrini College leased from Valley Forge.

Putnam consists of two four-bedroom apartments and two two-bedroom apartments. Each apartment has a furnished living room, dining room and kitchens that include dishwashers. Putnam is approximately 1.4 miles away from Grace Hall.

For the convenience of students, the Cabrini College shuttle now stops at Putnam in its normal schedule. However, some students are not so happy with their living conditions at Putnam.

Sophomore Kirk Manion, an English and communication major says, “I was aware at the end of the summer that I was going to be living at Putnam. I wasn’t told how to get there or what was in the apartment until move-in day. It’s nice having a kitchen and a living space but when I got there it wasn’t completely finished and we still don’t have cable.”

Unlike the other residences on Cabrini College’s campus, Putnam is not listed as a residence on the college’s website. Other residence halls are further described like what each room consists, if the hall has a kitchen, the average room size, and the number of resident assistants.

When asked if he would like to change where he lived Mike Dunphy, a sophomore English and communication major, said, “Yes. I really like being on campus and waking up five minutes before class instead of worrying about what time I have to wake up all the time.”

Some students may be able to fit the shuttle schedule into their class schedule but, Manion says, “The shuttle shuttle service is not very good. It only comes twice a day. I did have a bike but my chain popped so now I walk through St. David’s golf course and hop a fence to get to campus.”

Cabrini states on it’s website that “Residence Halls play an important role in the lives of the College’s resident students, perhaps because students spend more time in their residence hall than any other place on campus.”

Many students that come to Cabrini are attracted to our small campus and how close classrooms are to the residence halls.

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Christina Cimmino

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