Traveling Missions for Spring Break

By Kelly Bush
March 10, 2017

Graphic By Kelly Bush
When spring breaks with comes around, some students have absolutely nothing planned while others have been planning a trip since their previous break.
This year, Cabrini’s spring break fell on the week of Feb. 25 to March 6, when classes resume.
Cabrini offers service trips for students who want to explore and help the most vulnerable, while other students go home or go on a mini-vacation.
One of the trips taken by Cabrini students will be sponsored by the education department who will be going to Naples, Florida. On this trip, these students will be learning to be in the field while observing a school.
“We will be observing a school that has approximately 50 schools in it. [We will also] proportionally distribute all the money to each school based on the need,” Treci Butler, junior education major, said.
Another service trip will be to New Orleans with campus ministry. Campus ministry does this trip year-round with students to help rebuild and little sit seeing. While students are on this trip, they visit Cabrini high school which is tied to the university.
Project Appalachia is another service trip. This is where students fixed up homes in Virginia.
On these trips, students learned to put previous thoughts away and open up to others.
“I learned we should not stereotype anyone and that the people there are actually filled with  grace,” Sydney Mcdonald, senior social work major, said.
Photo by Jerry Zurek

Another service trip was to Guatemala lead by Dr. Zurek and Dr. Raquel Green to learn about Cabrini’s mission justice matter. when students were they also build roads and did whatever was needed by the people of Guatemala.

Some of these plans may seem extraordinary through service. But some of Cabrini’s sports teams, like lacrosse, baseball and softball, went to Florida for spring training and enjoyed some free time in Walt Disney World and on different beaches.
Other than missions, there are plenty of events that go on during spring break . There are midterms, homework assignments and work in the way of having some quality time off. Also, since students are at the peak of the semester, they may not feel the need to do anything but rest.
 “I may ride across New Jersey on my motorcycle with my dad,” Anthony Pasqua, senior English major, said. Pasqua said spring break is not so much of a big deal to him anymore. “I have a job and I’m getting older, so now my friends and I are over the Florida trips,” Pasqua said.

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Kelly Bush

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