The real Jersey shore girls

By Christine Blom
April 28, 2005

Summertime, to many, means catching up with old friends, spending endless hours in the warm sun and doing whatever you can to avoid thinking about school because you have four months where you don’t have a care in the world. Personally, I don’t consider myself any different. I would have to describe myself as a “Jersey shore girl.”

The term “shore girl” was attempted to be defined by MTV in a recent “True Life” documentary. The episode was composed of a bunch of camera guys following girls from New York who spent the summer at the shore. Doesn’t “Jersey shore girl” imply that one would actually have to be from New Jersey?

My friends and I all believe that is how it should have been arranged. MTV should have actually done their research, especially with all the money they have, and found a group of girls who devoted their summers to working on their tans, enjoying all the different activities and sports that are a part of being a real beach-goer, such as boogie boarding, surfing and wave running. Jersey has so much more to offer than they portrayed. For example, the endless hours that can be spent doing random things on the boardwalk and at the beach or at parks in the numerous shore cities such as Ocean City, Margate, Sea Isle, Cape May, Wildwood and Long Beach Island.

I can’t believe, even after all the people who go to the shore, yes I said shore and not beach, the term usually used by tourists when referring to the sand and water along the coast of NJ, MTV had such a hard time finding people to film. Honestly, I can think of at least 10 people who would have been better candidates for their project. All they had to do was one of two things: call me or just walk up and down the boardwalks interviewing and surveying people. It would not have been that hard to find a die-hard “shoobie,” a.k.a. a person who devotes their life to the shore. Next time, MTV should do their research before they make a “true life” story.

Real Jersey shore girls are typically girls who live in South Jersey, dedicating their summer to a nice tan, their girlfriends, mango water ice and walking up and down the beach with their so-called sisters talking about when they grow up they will also have a house at the shore where there daughters can understand the real meaning of being a “shore girl.”

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Christine Blom

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