The Oddball Osbournes

By Renee Tomcanin
March 14, 2002

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Forget the whiny twenty-somethings. Forget the island and immunity challenges. Forget eating brains and plummeting bodies on bungee chords. MTV has a new show that further blurs the line between family sitcom and reality television series.

“The Osbournes” has been described as a “family-oriented sitcom” and a “reality-based comedy.” It follows the lives of heavy metal rock icon Ozzy Osbourne and his family as they eat, sleep and live life being who they are.

Aside from the former front man of Black Sabbath, Ozzy’s family also stars in the show. His wife Sharon is described as a “workaholic” by her husband and appearance-wise is the most “normal” looking. However, she maybe a little more insane than the Ozzman himself. Also featured are his two younger children, 17-year-old Kelly and 16-year-old Jack. Kelly is just like any teenager; she fights with her brother, is embarrassed when her parents show too much affection. Jack worships the band Tool and enjoys just hanging out with his friends. “The Osbournes” also showcases their nanny Melinda Varga and the many Osbourne family pets. One family member who is rarely seen is the Osbournes oldest child, Aimee. According to mother Sharon on, “She can’t handle being around us lunatics all day while she’s trying to start her career.”

The show’s setting is a large Beverly Hills mansion. The first episode featured the family moving in, deciding where to put their multitude of crucifix and Ozzy’s rifle. Each member of the household has a room that is in their own style. Interested viewers can take a tour of the house on

“The Osbournes” has been described on its own terms. It is not quite a reality-television show and not a sitcom. It involves family relationships, parental advice and the normal functions of daily life. The first episode featured Ozzy and Jack figuring out how to use his new satellite television. The family is fond of curse words, and they are often censored. One can expect that the show to include family values unlike any other with the Blizzard of Ozz as the patriarch. His fatherly advice on sex was, “If you have sex, use protection, and don’t do drugs.” The Osbournes are being followed and doing what they normally do. Ozzy makes appearances. Sharon goes about her business. The children party and go to school. The dogs pee on the carpet. In the eyes of many reviewers, these are the signs of a hit.

“Someone at MTV deserves a prize,” Television without pit said.

Rob Owen of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette sums up why the show will be a hit: “There’s not doubt this is a family of people who love one another in their own weird manner.”

“The Osbournes” airs Tuesday nights at 10:30 on MTV and throughout the week at various other times. “All aboard the crazy train.”

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Renee Tomcanin

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