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By Loquitur Editorial Board
October 3, 2022

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Loquitur layout night in action. Photo by Thomas Ryan.

Freedom of the press is guaranteed by the First Amendment and is an integral part of our democracy. The Loquitur, Cabrini’s own press outlet, acts as a watchdog and gives a voice to our community. In an era of divisive attacks on media outlets and journalists, shouldn’t the Loquitur receive the same courtesy? Even on a college campus, when press freedom is gone, all freedoms are threatened.  

As a reputable media outlet, we strive to tell the stories of those who do not have the privilege of speaking for themselves. Last year, the Loquitur reported on the unrest and war happening in Ukraine.

A variety of written articles and podcasts we produced highlighted the harsh experience of volunteers helping people escape the conflict. This was an opportunity for people to read and listen to the experiences of those suffering dangerous conditions in Ukraine. 

Cabrini was founded on the principle of social justice, and a major part of that work is assisted by freedom of the press. Press helps to inform individuals to educate and make appropriate decisions for their community. As Cabrini’s news source, that is our goal and we cannot inform our community without help from our administration and faculty. 

The Loquitur staff finds itself stonewalled by faculty, staff, and administration when reporting on- and off-campus stories that matter. It’s true we are not public relations or marketing for Cabrini, but we have an ethical responsibility to report the facts. 

The Loquitur recognizes the inconveniences of our short deadlines. We hope to provide ample time to staff, faculty, and administration for interviews. Nonetheless, we function as a living, breathing newsroom. With that comes hard deadlines that must be followed. 

Our Interim President, Helen Drinan, is actively building rapport with the newspaper staff and encouraging the rest of the administration to follow.

Often, reporters are contacted after an interview by sources asking to review a story before it is published. Not only is this unethical, but it proves that we are not held in the same esteem as other news outlets. The unfair assumption is that the Loquitur is unprofessional.

Director of Public Safety Joseph Fusco is all ears to questions from reporters. He is willing to share and give input. If all members of our institution offered the same enthusiasm, the result would be a better-informed community.

In order for the students in the communication department to be successful professionally and academically, we need cooperation from everyone. And hopefully, the more credible work we produce, the more indispensable we will become for you.

As the great Aretha Franklin once said, all we’re asking is for a little respect. 

Keep up with what’s happening in your community by following the Loquitur on social media and checking our website daily. 


The Loquitur Editors 


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Loquitur Editorial Board

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