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How to survive college as an introvert

On college campuses, there are people who are outgoing, social, and like to have fun. These people are extroverts. Others are the complete opposite:… Read More
Many weights and exercise machines fill the room.

Fueling the body and mind as a Cabrini athlete

There is no doubt the Cavaliers leave it all on the field each game, but how much of their success is due to pre-game… Read More

Pressure on student-athletes

Pressure is a feeling everybody faces every day, but how do Cabrini athletes handle that pressure on and off the field? Student-athletes are constantly… Read More
Social Media Apps

Taking a break from these damaging social media platforms

In Dec. 2021, I did the unthinkable. I took a monthlong break from Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. I deleted them from my phone, and… Read More

Self-confidence and its correlation to sports

Self-confidence in sports has been a gateway for athletes like Kobe Bryant and Serena Williams to perform their best. Maintaining it is not easy… Read More
Pat Brown, Phil Waibel, and Ash Angus

Addiction recovery service believes new grant will build momentum

Cabrini University’s addiction recovery service has received a grant from the Blue Cross Foundation’s Supporting Treatment and Overdose Prevention program.  The University’s addiction recovery… Read More

Everything you need to know about pets on campus

The start of Cabrini University’s fall semester brings excitement to some students, but overwhelming feelings to others. One thing that helps some students feel… Read More

Olivia Rodrigo’s heartbreak music and movie can help people with psychological disabilities

Actress Olivia Rodrigo is known for her Disney fame, but recently started a music career which really resonates with me and many college-aged young… Read More

Speaker who survived suicide attempt confronts mental health stigma

Jordan Burnham admits he’s a work in progress. In his battle with depression, he told Cabrini University students that he approaches challenges “one step… Read More

The unhealthy eye of perfectionism

The practice of “perfectionism” is something I carry with me daily, and it can feel exhausting. Perfectionism affects many young adults, especially those in… Read More

Changing seasons spark shifts in mental health

The winter months bring with them shorter days and earlier sunsets, which for some can lead to seasonal depression or changes in their mood. … Read More

Mental health concerns drive “The Great Resignation”

Record numbers of Americans are quitting their jobs, largely in part due to mental health concerns.  According to a study conducted by career guidance… Read More

JaLisa Gibson: making a difference

In the words of Jane Goodall, “What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to… Read More

Collegiate Recovery hosts mental health check-in

On Wednesday, Jan. 25, Cabrini’s Collegiate Recovery Board hosted a mental health check-in presentation during Common Hour. The event was co-sponsored by the Cabrini… Read More

The power of post-holiday break blues

Holiday break marks a time for students to refresh, relax, spend time with family, and not worry about school. But returning after the break… Read More
A woman seated talking to a counselor. The counselor is holding a clipboard, writing down notes.

Keep talking: Cabrini student shares story of why talk-therapy works

The moment you start talking about it, it gets easier. I do not know how or when I realized the magnitude of speaking, but… Read More

Finding comfort in TV

Taking time to decompress after the semester ends is different for everyone, but I strongly recommend rewatching your favorite show. On my third viewing… Read More

Studying in group sessions for finals week

As finals week arrives, it can be hard for students to study and complete their work. But there is no better way to prepare… Read More
Selena Gomez Apple TV documentary

My Mind and Me: More than just another celebrity documentary

After being diagnosed with lupus and bipolar disorder, Selena Gomez explores her challenges with stardom, and medical and mental health in the 2022 documentary… Read More
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