Counseling and Psychological Services has new partner

By Iris RedondoPonce
October 16, 2023

The warm and calming lobby at CaPS. Photo by Iris Redondo Ponce.
The warm and calming lobby at CaPS. Photo by Iris Redondo Ponce.

Attending college is stressful for many students, but at Cabrini, anxiety and stress seems even more present. Cabrini’s Counseling and Psychological Services is here to help and this year, they partnered with UWill, a teletherapy program.

A stressful final year

The CaPS center, directed by Dr. Bryan Peightal, assists students with their mental health needs. On top of helping with academics and personal issues, CaPS also helps students deal with the news of Cabrini’s closing and the anxiety or issues that come with it.

This year many are transferring or looking for a new path. Jermire Smith, a sophomore accounting majoring said, “Some people kind of just stuck here for their last year. Now they have to find a whole new school and get their credits replaced or else they’re going to have to do more years.”

“People are starting to talk about the anxiety about the upcoming transfer process. Not so much even just like going to a different school, which is anxiety provoking in and of itself for some people,” Peightal said. He also said he imagines that as the year goes on, especially around the winter and early spring months, more students will be presented with challenges relating to the closing of the university.

What services are offered by CaPS?

The CaPS lobby has information and tips. Photo by Iris Redondo Ponce.

CaPS plans more outreach this year. “We’re trying to be a little more proactive this year versus just reacting to what is coming through the door,” Peightal said.

Students mostly receive support from CaPS through individual therapy or counseling sessions. They can choose to meet weekly, monthly, or just once or twice.

UWill’s counseling services are entirely online and can be matched to a student’s schedule. Because not everyone can meet with CaPS during office hours, UWill offers support during evenings and weeknights. “One of the appeals of it [UWill] is that we’re limited, especially with a limited staff here at CaPS. As a result of that, we want to make sure we’re meeting all mental health needs,” Peightal said. These services are only offered to students.

CaPS will also hold group sessions this year, though dates are not yet determined. These group sessions are skills based. Last year the topics included distress tolerance and anxiety management.

Students can learn more about CaPS by visiting the center located in Infante House or online. Peightal said CaPS will also host information tables in Iadarola and Founder’s Hall lobbies and make classroom presentations on specific topics.

How to access CaPS

CaPS building can be found next to Dixon House. Photo by Iris Redondo Ponce.

Students can set up a session by visiting the CaPS website. Peightal said students will receive a response within the next business day and may schedule a session via email or phone. To schedule a session on UWill, follow the instructions listed on the CaPS website.

CaPS is here to help students this year whether their issues relate to Cabrini’s closure or not.

“I really encourage people to approach their mental health with just the friendly reminder that there’s no problem too big or too small to come to CaPS,” Peightal said. He encourages students not to go through processes on their own. He added, “Take advantage of it right? It’s unlimited, free, and confidential.”

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Iris RedondoPonce

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