Sushi Land

By Natalie Crawford
October 6, 2010

For college students who are looking for affordable and tasty Japanese cuisine, it’s just a simple car ride away.

Open seven days a week, Sushi Land offers appetizers, a lunch/dinner menu, dinner sushi platters and rolls. However, it is known for its uniquely named sushi and special rolls that bring in all the college students.

“When I go to Sushi Land I usually order the dragon roll and salmon roll with soup and salad on the side,” Meghan Murphy, senior business marketing major, said.

With names like lancaster roll, pink lady roll, lion king roll, villanova roll and crazy monkey roll, how can this not attract a younger crowd.

“I usually get spider roll, unagi and Philly roll. Another roll that Sushi Land has that is absolutely incredible is The Lion King roll. If you go there and get anything but sushi, you’re missing out,” Jake Verterano, Cabrini College class of 2010, said over an online interview.

Veterano has been to Sushi Land numerous times throughout his college years at Cabrini. Every time he has been there the food has been “flawless.”

Inside most of these rolls are tuna, salmon, yellowtail, crabmeat, cucumber and avocado.

For the month of Oct. Sushi Land shows off it’s Halloween spirit by having a Halloween roll. Inside the roll are spicy crabmeat, crunch, tuna and salmon.

Everything at Sushi Land is very reasonably priced. This is why college students keep coming back. Sushi is a very popular food so when students are craving it, they immediately go to Sushi Land not just because the food is delicious but because it is very affordable for everyone.

Appetizers, which consist of dumplings, beef, steam vegetables, soup and salads only cost between $1.50 and $8.50.

Sushi rolls cost any where between $2.95 and $10.95. This is ideal for college students who have a budget on what they can spend.

“The food at Sushi Land is fresh. I’ve never had a bad experience there. If you’re going out with your friends and want to go to a nice and casual restaurant, I recommend Sushi Land. It’s a fun environment and it’s where college students go. I would definitely call it a hot spot,” Murphy said.

College students from all over, including Cabrini, love to just get off campus for a night and have a nice dinner with friends.

“I’ve only been there twice. Once with my cousin and the other time with my parents. It’s a fun atmosphere because it’s more of a younger crowd,” Taylor Bonnani, sophomore psychology major, said. “It was also fun because a lot of Villanova students were there. Girls were doing a “girls night out” so they brought wine.”

Just another great addition is that Sushi Land is b.y.o.b. Whoever though of this idea knew for sure that this would be very appealing to college students 21 and up. They knew students would be love the fact that they can bring their own alcoholic beverage.

Sushi Land is approximately nine minutes away from Cabrini in a town called Bryn Mawr. You start off heading southeast on king of prussia road toward eagle road. Turn left at US 30 east lancaster avenue. Stay on lancaster avenue for two miles and Sushi Land will be on your left.

If you are coming from any other area, you can visit Sushi Land’s website which is It shows directions from northwest Philadelphia, south Philadelphia and from New Jersey. The website also gives you their contact information such as their telephone number and address and of course their menu.

“I’ll be honest, Sushi Land is some of the best sushi I’ve ever had. I’m not so much sure if it’s the sushi (even though it is astoundingly delicious) but it’s the memories attached to the restaurant. Sushi Land is the perfect college type restaurant to explore new foods and enjoy the company of those important in your life,” Verterano said over an online interview.

Natalie Crawford

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