Summer Wrap Up: Winding down the days

By Catherine Dilworth
September 5, 2002

Summer is a time to relax, kick back and take a well-deserved break from the craziness of the winter months. For students especially, summer is a time to turn off their brain and clear out space for the barrage of information that the coming semester has to offer.

During the summer people, anticipate summer blockbusters, catchy music, beach books and reruns. Among some of the new CD’s to hit stores this summer was Philly’s own EVE with her CD Eve-Olution, Dave Mathews Band, Dirty Vegas, Linkin park, Angie Martinez, Aerosmith and, an old favorite, Bruce Springsteen. Music is a big thing in the summer.

The latest sound must be blaring out the widows of your ride while you cruise the strip. It also plays a big part at the club scene, when the clubs are most populated and attended with the least amount of clothing. On the beach, it is a must for good tunes to be heard to accompany the surf, sand and volleyball.

For those not into the party scene or just taking a break from it, there were books. Beach reading has become a very popular activity. “It is something about the sound of the beach and the waves and the warm sun that make a book easier to enjoy,” Nicole Salkowski said. “Plus you get a tan while being entertained by your own imagination.”

A rave review was given to a book read by Beth Galmster over the summer. “I read ‘Brethren’ by John Grisham. It was a great book to read about felons and the CIA. I don’t want to ruin any of it for anyone, but if you like to crawl up with a book with mystery and thrills, this is your book. It is also an easy read and does not take long to get into or get to the last page.”

For those entertainment seekers who couldn’t stand the heat waves of the summer of 2002, there were the movies. An air-conditioned getaway with $5.00 snickers bars. This year’s summer blockbusters were aimed for the younger crowd below the age of PG-13.

The theaters were crowded with kiddy movies like “Scooby Doo,” “Spirit,” “Lilo & Stitch,” “The Country Bears” and “Hey Arnold.” While only Scooby Doo, Spirit and Lilo & Stitch turned a profit the rest seemed taste less to young movie goers like the kernal of popcorn that never popped.

For those audience members able to buy their own tickets at the box office, there were many movies to choose from. “Spider-Man” and “Austin Powers in Goldmemeber” rocked the movie scene with number one ratings for each movie.

“‘Spider-Man’ not only appealed to the comic lovers, but the regular moviegoer as well,” Kelly Handy said. “I enjoyed the movie even though I could not tell you one villain or characteristic about “Spider-Man” before I saw the movie. It was a plot you could enjoy without knowing the complete history and owning the “Spider-Man” comic second edition.”

“Austin Powers in Goldmemeber” did not do it once, not twice but three times and still kept audiences coming back for more. “I loved it. I laughed the whole movie,” Lori Longergan, senior, said. “It was cool to see so many cameos in the movie, and unexpected as well. I hate when the previews give all the plot and comedy away.” Along with the “Austin Powers in Goldmember” sequel, there was “Men in Black II,” which accompanied the comedy scene with Adam Sandler’s “Mr. Deeds.”

Some air conditioner seekers however, were not looking for a laugh. The theatres were also packed with drama and action flicks. “Signs” was ranked number one for its opening week and was a hometown movie, filmed in rural Pennsylvania. “XXX,” where it was as not a blockbuster, did draw a crowd with Vin Diesel as the main character. “Vin Diesel could get on the screen and breath and I would pay $8.00 to go see it,” Salkowski said.

“Road to Perdition” was another summer hit with Tom Hanks. Megan Gallagher, senior, gave it most excited thumbs up as she said “I liked it. Anything with mob theme I usually enjoy.”

Gina Roswell, senior, caught “The Sum of All Fears,” a Tom Clancy novel made into movie involving Jack Ryan, one of Clancy’s common characters. The movie, about national defense and nuclear war, starred Morgan Freeman and Ben Aflleck. Though it was a departure from the book, the movie still was rated excellent by Roswell.

To bring the summer to an end was the movie “Blue Crush,” which rode a pipe on a short board all the way into surfers heart everywhere as well as posers. “I thought ‘Blue Crush’ rocked,” said Ashley Heyes. “It has been awhile since there has been a chick flick that guys would enjoy too. It was a good date has something for both of you and your boyfriend, who’ll be too busy looking at the bikini to realize the female dominant message given.”

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Please discard all trash in the bins provided and proceed to the nearest exit, summer has ended. Roll credits.

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Catherine Dilworth

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