Spring Fling: not ready to go

By Christina Cimmino
April 19, 2007

Spring Fling has always been known among students as a day where it is strictly fun, and in certain aspects, considered to be a very big party day on campus.

Although I have only been able to attend one Spring Fling at Cabrini, I am very upset that we will no longer be having that one designated day where I can just have fun with my friends, go see a great concert and be happy that I have completed another year of college.

Most Cabrini students know what happened at last year’s Spring Fling with the stabbing incident between two students and all of the hysteria that was going around on campus afterwards.

That is what most students on campus feel is the reason as to why we aren’t having a Spring Fling this year, while students were told over and over that it was an isolated incident between two students and no other parties.

Obviously alcohol played a significant part in this incident happening, but truthfully, the entire Spring Fling experience and activities that are provided for students have nothing to do with alcohol.

I do not understand why a day where we can expect many students being actively involved in programming provided by campus organizations should be the ones to suffer with an incident that didn’t even happen during their agenda.

It is so hard to get current undergraduates out to the many events that organizations like Campus Activities & Planning Board and Student Government Association put on so that we, the student body, are able to have outlets from academia and our residence halls to have fun without substances.

I think that our college needs to take a step back from this entire situation and honestly think about the reality of a situation happening again. So many precautions have been taken already to keep an eye on who is coming in and out of our campus, as well as an increase in public safety around campus, but the truth is that we are extremely fortunate to have this be the first incident in a long time that has happened on campus.

Last year, I called my best friend who attends Binghamton University and told her that there was a stabbing on campus. Her response was “Oh yea that happens like every other week here.” I completely understand that Cabrini is scared that an incident like that will go on again, but we are extremely lucky that we go to a school with a small community surrounding us, and I honestly do not think every single year from here on in we are preventing another stabbing.

Drinking on campus is inevitable. We are all in college and it isn’t like if there isn’t a Spring Fling then no one on campus will ever drink again.

When it comes down to it, it is so important for us to be able to have a special day set aside to enjoy the hard work that we have put in throughout the year and be rewarded with a concert and awesome activities that we wouldn’t necessarily have during the year.

I do not think that it is fair to those that have not been able to experience spring fling before to just take it away because of one incident that hasn’t happened on campus in quite some time, and I think that this decision needs to be reconsidered.

Christina Cimmino

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