Skillful Musicality

By Gregory Smith
October 18, 2012

Sensitive touch and an excellent interpretation where two words that were used to describe internationally renowned piano and soprano performers who displayed their skills at the Woodcrest Mansion.

“He’s an amazing pianist with extraordinary technical skill and musicality.  We are so fortunate to have him,” Dr. Adeline Bethany, professor, fine arts, said.

Mikhail Yanovitsky, a pianist, and Galina Sakhnovskaya, a soprano, granted 50 students and visitors the pleasure of hearing their skillfull pieces on Sunday, Oct 7.  The type of music varied and kept  the audience intrigued throughout the entire performance.

“I thought it was skillfully played and the pieces were well chosen,” Charlie Haas, sophomore history major, said. “I really enjoyed it.”

Many students were required to go to this performance as part of their class grade. However, many students attended for their own personal interest and curiosity.

Mikhail, who has played in 34 of 50 states and four countries, offered some advice for aspiring musicians and students interested in taking up an instrument.

“Always look for the best teachers who can tell them the truth, and, develop their talents to the fullest extent,” Yanovitsky said.

Yanovitsky, who now teaches at Temple University, enjoys incorporating the things he has seen and learned throughout his performing career in other countries, and expresses his personal view on music.

“I incorporate what I have learned in music school in St. Petersburg, Jiulliard, Temple University and Moscow,” Yanovitsky said. “Music is part of nature. Students should always separate artificial from nature in every aspect of whatever music they’re involved in.”

As an educator, Yanovitsky had his own thoughts on Cabrini College.

“I feel like a religious college like Cabrini offers more and has a higher moral standard,” Yanovitsky said. “I consider it an excellent place to receive an education.”


Gregory Smith

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