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By Ken Baumbach
September 20, 2001

by Ken Baumbach

staff writer

The Student Government Association, or SGA, is the name of the student government organization here at Cabrini College. The purpose of the SGA is to represent student opinions to the faculty and the administration and provide a channel for student ideas, suggestions, and concerns about what is going on here at Cabrini. This years SGA staff consists of: President; Carolyn Ashton, Vice-President; Lindsay Thomas, Secretary; Liz Graham, Treasurer; John Verdi,

Academic Board Chair; Ben Hazel, and Parliamentarian; Katie Bartasik.

In the past, the SGA’s job involved getting people riled up about ideas or concerns here on campus. The SGA provides an organization through which students may voice their opinions about the campus. The past

concerns dealt with issues like more lighting on campus and visitation rights in the dorms. This years goals for the SGA are simple yet extremely beneficial.

The SGA is extremely serious this year about taking the ideas given by students and working to make them a reality. The SGA this year also wishes to maintain better communication between the students, faculty, and administration. Another goal the SGA has planned for this year is to start what they describe as a resident

council. Anybody who lives in a dorm, a house, or an apartment, will meet to discuss matters such as common area damage and who should be held responsible for these types of violations. They will also discuss issues concerning visiting rights and any other concerns that some residents of Cabrini might have. Residents Assistance will not be allowed to be a part of a resident council.

The SGA is the voice of the Cabrini students. It provides students with a way to voice opinions about life here on campus. Anyone is welcome to attend SGA meetings and express their ideas or concerns. There have been no scheduled meetings as of yet, however students may submit their thoughts in the SGA office located in the Winder Center.

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Ken Baumbach

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