Search continues to find the next V.P., Provost

By Amanda Carson
February 11, 2010

Shannon Keough

The national search for Cabrini’s next provost and vice president for academic affairs has been extended. An agreement could not be reached between the college and its fi rst choice for the position. Dr. Marie A. George, Cabrini College President, made the announcement to the community on Thursday, Feb. 4, and said that a new pool of candidates should be expected within 10 days.

Allen Koenig, senior consultant at the firm R.H. Perry & Associates, will present Cabrini with new applicants who will then face preliminary interviews by the search committee.

“Once we receive them [applicants’ resumes] we will select those with the strongest potential to visit the campus for a college-wide interview process,” Dr. Christine Lysionek, vice president for student development and chair of the search committee, said.

Following the campus-wide interviews the search committee will consider both personal and community feedback in order to make a recommendation to George. Ultimately, George will make the final decision.

According to the Executive Search Profile the next provost and vice president for academic affairs will be faced with the task of building “on a solid foundations of accomplishments over the past 10 years,” made by Dr. Jonnie Guerra.

Guerra resigned from the position at the end of the last academic year. He or she will also need to complete the process of implementing the new core curriculum “Justice Matters.”

Dr. Thomas Mann has been serving as the interim provost and vice president for academic affairs during this year of national search. Mann began his interim role in July 2009.

Mann said that the candidate appointed to the position would need to “work closely with faculty, staff and fellow administrators to ensure the quality of educational programs and ensure services are advancing the educational mission of the school.”

This educational mission includes making sure graduating Cabrini students are liberally educated, involved with and care for society and ready to advance in both their personal and professional life.

The candidate will also need to work in cooperative manner with the entire faculty and staff in an effort to uphold the college’s “shared governance.”

Mann will complete his role in July 2010 when the new provost and vice president takes over.

“I continue to make sure there is continuity in the work before me and I make sure whoever is permanently appointed is successful in that role,” Mann said.

 In charge of undergraduate and graduate curriculum and academic programs.
 Manages budgets within Academic Affairs.
 Makes sure there is appropriate staffing, evaluates the positions.
 Reports to president.

Amanda Carson

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