Reading takes on new chapter during summerReading takes on new chapter during summer

By Amanda Carson
April 30, 2009

Shannon Keough

Dissecting metaphysical poetry, analyzing Thoreau’s thoughts and contemplating the dualistic elements of Shakespeare’s plays. Sound like a foreign language to you too? Welcome to the life of an English major.

Throughout the duration of each semester, I read a lot of literature. Not only do I read a lot of literature, but I also think all sorts of complex thoughts while reading it.

By the end of each semester I have perfected my ability to read, analyze and form an intellectual opinion, which is a routine for all my literature courses.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love majoring in English. It has been both challenging and intellectually rewarding for me.

I mean, I even get excited for open-ended class discussions on literature. Odd, I know!

Yet, I will admit one can only take so much literature, even those slightly dorky English majors, such as myself. So, when summer rolls around I ditch the advanced reading and pull out my “trashy” novels.

What is a “trashy” novel, you might ask? It is a term I personally created to describe any type of read, which has straightforward text, no deep meaning and serves no purpose other than, to merely entertain.

OK, I know that all literature is intended to entertain, but I’m referring to a different type of entertainment. I’m talking about that cheesy romance novel that you can’t resist reading.

You know, that novel in which the author describes some dreamy guy who falls in love with some ordinary girl. It’s a complete flip flop from what I read during the school year.

I go from reading about one of Shakespeare’s love struck characters who will poetically say something like “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways” to reading about the typical male character who says some corny pick up line like “Heaven must be missing an angel.”

Strangely enough, I absolutely enjoy reading this trash.

I read a lot over the summer mostly because it is so refreshing to read a novel in which I do not have to think about its meaning. I’ll admit though, sometimes it takes me a bit before I get into my summer “trashy” novel reading mode.

For example, after reading Twilight last break, which is the definition of a “trashy” novel. I complained to my friends and told them that the book sucked. I even said something along the lines of “the dialect in ‘Twilight’ was too simple and had no plot advancement.” Yes, I tried to analyze “Twilight.” And sorry if I offended any “Twilight” obsessed fans out there.

Case in point, while it may take me a bit to adjust, I need to read my “trashy” novels.

Reading trash is therapeutic for me and is a great leisurely activity. See, sometimes when you are reading all the time, you forget that reading is fun, remember that phrase from all your grade school bookmarkers?

My summer “trashy” reading time becomes a gentle reminder that I really do enjoy reading.

I’m willing to bet that I am not the only one out there that reads “trashy” novels over the summer. A lot of my friends often discuss their excitement to read whatever they want over the summer. I know it sounds nerdy but it really is great.

For those of you out there that don’t take advantage of reading over the summer, I suggest you start reading anything. Summer reading choices don’t need to be “trashy” novels, it can be any novel! Ultimately, I encourage all to enjoy this great summer activity.

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Amanda Carson

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