Playboy, Maxim, COSMO, Penthouse: Eye Candy or Quality Reads?

By Catherine Dilworth
February 28, 2002

photo by Charles LaCourte

Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.what if the sexes want to visit the other planet? What happens when the women read the pamphlet for Mars and men read the pamphlet for Venus? Will the solar system collide into one?

Advertisement and marketing agencies get paid money to grab their designated target market. For magazines there is no exception. How many times, while passing a magazine rack have you read captions like “Kama Sutra the sexual see-saw,” “How to catch him cheating,” “Make those dark circles disappear make-up tips,” “Does he love you,” “Bedside astrology what’s in your stars for March,” “Sexy hair,” “Sex survey,” “Make him crazy for you” on all the women’s magazines. Or pass the men’s magazines and read “Make her keep coming back for more,” “Ten things you don’t know about women,” “Get the abs you want and that will make her drool.” So much valuable information pours from these magazines that answer all of life’s burning questions. Each talk about “the game” and what “game ” you need to have to woo your partner. What happens when the magazines for men spark a female’s interest and what if the magazines for woman spark the men’s interest?

This doesn’t mean the advertising agencies are not doing their job. It just means that we are all human and are curious about the opposite sex. Picture this guys, you’re picking up your girl friend for a date and of course she is not ready, so you wait. You see Vogue sitting on the coffee table and the main headline says, “Sex positions that make him say I love you.” You look to the left, you look to the right.the coast is clear, so you pick it up and start reading. You hear a voice from the bedroom that’s says “I will be ready in a minute,” you reply with “take your time,” a remark you have never uttered when it came to waiting on her. You read the magazine and think to yourself.”that is where she learned it.”

Picture this ladies, you’re in your man’s house, kicking back and you must go powder your nose. You go in the bathroom and find a library of Maxim and Playboy sitting on the back of the toilet. You decide to take a gander. You see outfits you would wear and hair ideas from the pictures and then you come across an article on “How to last all night long without drugs,” and you think this is how he does it.

It is not just sex, but life in general that these magazines preach about. “I see how my girlfriend does her lip gloss now,” Derick Colonello said. “I have read girls magazines and my favorite would be Cosmo. Women’s magazines are funny to me, but also knowledgeable, I never knew women think and worry about dates, guys, style and make-up.”

On the other hand sex is all some guys think about. “My favorite girl magazine is the ones with the hot girls on the cover,” Clarence Scott said. “I think girl magazines have it all wrong when it comes to what guys want. Guys don’t necessarily want you to show up in lingerie, just show up naked and ready to go. Save yourself $30.00.” When asked about if his girlfriend’s behavior has ever reflected an article or quiz he had read, he replied, “No, I prefer my girlfriends be illiterate.”

Girls take more of an interest in men’s magazines then guys take in women’s magazines. “I like to breeze through my boyfriends magazines once in awhile. I know he just looks at them for the pictures.” Lauren Socia said. “I read them and explain them to him. Come on, unless the article has sex in bold print then it won’t be read. Guys are more visual and girls want more information. We understand the magazine content better then they do, then we train them. Seriously, the men magazines deal with better topics than women’s sometimes, I don’t need a new make-up tip every month. Men’s magazines also deal with financial issues that can be helpful.”

For some guys there is no hope, “I read the girl magazines when I am forced to, like the doctors office,” said Tom Grosse. “Girls magazines don’t use as many jokes as guy magazines. I have read articles in girl magazines and I still don’t understand women.”

“Personally I like the quizzes,” said Anthony D’Aleo. “Playboy has nudity and Maxim has good article and features, but by reading women’s magazines I can learn a little more about women.” Jason Rotella thought that girl magazines tell the women what they want to hear. “I like men magazines because they cover the topics I am interested in. Women’s magazines do the same, but you can learn from mixing the two,” said Rotella.

“Women are not an assembly line and guys magazines preach about how to turn your woman on,” Megan Rogers said. “What works for one guy may not work for another, and what turns one girl on will not turn us all on. I have read Men’s Health I don’t think any panties would be dropping with the moves they put in the article, even if the cover boy were to do it himself. Of course it may work on some girls, best bet guys is to ask what your woman wants.”

So there you have it. Women’s magazines do not hold the key to your man’s heart and the men’s magazines don’t give guaranteed aphrodisiac for sex. There is no manual for men or women even if one of us is from Mars and the other from Venus.

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Catherine Dilworth

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