Pestering House 2

By Jillian Milam
April 28, 2005

Jess Webb

I don’t know if it’s that time of year, but it seems as if every kind of wildlife is somehow living in House 2 at Cabrini College. From ants, to mice, to spiders we have seen it all and my eyes have seen enough.

At 3:30 a.m. I wake up to strange noises coming from below my bunk bed. Alone and weary, I manage to turn my light on and check out what was causing the commotion. I rub my eyes and take a look. Low and behold, it’s a mouse. A mouse stuck in the gluey mousetrap device my roommate set out two days beforehand. As the mouse twists, turns, flips and flops trying to break loose, I become utterly grossed-out and immediately reach for my phone. I apologize to Public Safety for calling at such an odd hour and ask for help escorting Mr. Mouse outside of the building. As the Public Safety officer recognizes that the mouse does not look like a regular mouse due to its color, he comes to the conclusion that it might be a pet.

Wonderful, and keep in mind, we captured a mouse the day before and set it loose outside. Did the same mouse get back inside, is it a daughter of the first mouse or is it a completely different entity? Who knows? If it is a pet, I would suggest that the owner keep the mice away because when it gets snapped in the trap the blame is on you.

I do know; however, that my roommates and I were forced to go out and buy an ant killer just a week before this ordeal. As ants accumulated in two corners of our room, we basically intoxicated ourselves with the amount of spray it took to kill all of them. So we finally got rid of the ant problem; however, if I had known mice would have been our next obstacle, I would almost rather have kept the ants.

Spiders have slowly but surely made their way into House 2 as well. Is it bad that finding a black large spider crawling either on your arm or desk becomes a weekly routine?

This leads me to my next question involving pests. Why is it that every week a new part of the building is broken off or torn apart? These people who roam around House 2, punching walls, ripping poles out of staircases, throwing bottles of coke and cups of coffee all over the place are well aware of the fact that we all have to pay for it. They don’t care. They don’t think about the actual $350 that comes out of our wallets for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Not everybody is made of money and sometimes every dollar counts.

Whether it being humans, rodents or insects, the pests in House 2 are getting a little ridiculous. As the year winds down and move-out time comes along, living without the sounds of squeaks and mouse traps at 3:30 a.m. or insects lurking in every corner sounds pretty good and the time can’t come soon enough.

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Jillian Milam

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