People poll on ChatRoulette

By Meghan Murphy
February 17, 2010

Have you ever used Chatroulette and, if you have, what are your thoughts on the new web fad?

Lexus Ujobai, sophomore criminology major

“Yeah I’ve used it before. I love it! It is so entertaining when I’m bored and it’s fun to do with friends.”

Pete Andersen, sophomore chemistry major

“I haven’t used it yet, but the my friend was using it one night when I was with him. I think it is funny. It’s because you mess with people; that makes it so funny.”

Amanda Alexandrowicz, senior exercise science major

“I have used it and it’s so perverted. My friends and I use it just to be funny. This whole Web site is a shame because it shows what this world is coming to. Anyone who has a webcam can use it, which is kind of scary.”

Meghan Murphy

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