Organic foods slim wallet, not waistline

By Alyssa Mentzer
September 24, 2009

Shannon Keough

In today’s society trying to look thinner and eat healthier is not just a lifestyle, it’s an obsession! People are so concerned about their appearance that they will do anything to feel better and healthier, even if that means spending twice as much money on food that is labeled “organic.”

So why have so many people fallen into the organic trap? Well, because it costs more, so it must be better, right? NOT!

Consumers have been throwing their money at local and specialty food stores for years in hopes of getting a higher quality food. However, in reality, you are getting the same nutrients whether the food is organic or conventional.

The only factor that distinguishes organic food from conventional food is the growing process. Conventional food is harvested using USDA approved pesticides, while organic food is grown “naturally.” The problem is, that when the food hits the shelves there is no guarantee it has not been tainted by pesticides or fertilizer run off from other farms. The run off of fertilizer and pesticides can contaminate food that is deemed “organic.”

Contrary to popular belief, organic food is

susceptible to E coli. Some consumers tend to believe that conventional foods are the only foods that can contain E coli. FALSE. If it’s food, it can be contaminated, and organic foods are no exception.

So what is really guaranteeing you that your product is not a conventional food? A label with the word organic stamped across it? I do not find that very convincing!

As a consumer I have no proof that what I am buying is truly organic. For all I know the tomatoes that I just paid $8 for, could be the same thing as the tomatoes two aisles over and half the price.

I am just looking at the reality of the situation. The further we sink into this economic depression, the lower the demand for organic foods will be. The craze will soon fade out and people will realize that the extra money spent is not making them any healthier.

I believe, that in today’s economic slump, purchasing organic foods is like flushing your money down the drain. Organic food is a luxury. It is not a necessity. Consumers have been paying less and eating conventional food for years without problems. I have tried organic food and conventional food. I think they taste exactly the same! I would rather pay less and eat more!

So, for all you organic lovers out there, go ahead, continue to eat organically. Just watch how little it benefits your health and how much it affects your wallet.

Alyssa Mentzer

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