One too many

By Christine Blom
October 7, 2004

School shootings are not only a problem in America now. There have recently been two brutal school shootings that have taken place in Russia and Argentina.

The school shooting in Buenos Aires, Argentina is the most recent. A 15-year-old pulled the gun killing four students and injuring five officers.

School used to be a place where kids could play on the playground, share a snack with their friends, and learn how to multiply.

Schools just aren’t the same anymore. I can recall the day of the Columbine shooting. I was in my freshman year of high school. Then it seemed as if school was no longer a safe haven like we had pictured it, but some place that could be just as frightening as a dark alley in the city.

I have always wondered what it must have been like the day of the shooting. Can you imagine in your wildest dreams what it must be like to see someone you very own age acting is if they were the villain in a horror movie?

If someone in my class in high school was to all of a sudden start shooting at random, I would probably be so stunned I would no know what to do with myself. I would be scared not only for myself, but for everyone involved as well.

School shootings are something that can be prevented. Many studies believe that the reason students turn to violence is because they are being bullied. I think it is a teacher’s responsibility to discipline children and their disagreements while they are still minor.

I also feel that it is a parent’s responsibilities to not only enforce a positive environment but to talk to their children about being non-violent. If a parent does not encourage their children to get along with others, the child could end up anti-social, belligerent or even flat-out dangerous.

Also, if parents do chose to have a weapon in the house, regardless of what it may be, they have it stored where it is not known or within the child’s reach. One of the main reasons, I believe, that a child has access to a weapon is because the parent has shown the child where it is or they have found out on their own.

No one should ever let any situation result in violence. This is just some of the ways people can prevent school shootings from happening. Be aware!

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Christine Blom

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