New members to be the voice of the student body

By Rosemarie Gonzalez
September 18, 2003

Steph Mangold

On Monday, Sept. 15 through Wednesday, Sept. 17, members of the Student Government Association were found spending half their days, sitting above the Founder’s Hall, second-floor steps. Elections were being held for new officers.

Just like with any other election, the officials – or current SGA members – were trying to get everyone and anyone involved with the voting process. They would make an attempt to stop any person that would pass by their table and ask them to vote for the new members-to-be on the board.

“In order for us to do our jobs, you must first be able to voice out who you would like to see represent you, so that we can be the ones that will be there through all of your issues and concerns,” Stephanie Engel, senior and 10 members – which is a new addition to the SGA executive staff that helps in decision-making processes – participant, said.

Among the winners from the SGA elections were Caitlin Scott voted freshman class vice president; Kellie Belmonte and Bill Wilhelm who were both voted senators; Susan Moraca voted freshman class treasurer; Joseph Woods voted parliamentarian; Richard DeMatteo voted vice president of activities; and Jessica Boettger, voted freshman class president.

As the student population on Cabrini increases, the freshmen are encouraged to get involved around campus. Ever since move-in weekend, SGA has tried to perk up the freshmen to take part in on campus activities.

“We have been trying to dig out the freshmen as of the ‘Play-fair,’ which happened during their first weekend here,” Engel said.

In hopes of a more productive year, and with the addition of the freshmen and the introduction of new board members, SGA plans to be more of a voice for the student body. They have built sub-committees that cover areas all over campus in order to verbalize any concerns that the students, whether commuter or resident, may have.

“Our plan is to show our face a lot more although we’re not really much of a programming committee like CAP Board. We just want the students to know that we are here for them. The theme this year is ‘be heard,’ so that everyone knows that we are their voice,” Engel said.

From top right, clockwise: Jess Boettger, of the freshman class; Caitlin Scott, vice president of the freshman class; Susan Moraca, freshman class treasurer; Bill Wilhelm, freshman class senator; Kellie Belmont, freshman class senator; Richard DeMatteo, vice president of activities; and Joseph Woods, executive board parliamentarian; all members pictured were elected on Sept. 15, 16, and 17.

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Rosemarie Gonzalez

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