Cabrini takes on Broadway

By Jessica Johnson-Petty
October 26, 2011

Cabrini students embarked on a rainy bus trip to New York City to see “The Addams Family.”

The air exploded in excitement as the audience joined in with the classic snaps of the “Addams Family” theme song. The tight quarters of the mezzanine in the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre and the rainy day was overshadowed by the eagerness of both being in New York and specifically being a part of the Broadway production of “The Addams Family.”

“‘The Addams Family’ theme song is so great because everyone is familiar with the tune, even if they aren’t familiar with the show itself,” Nichole Capizzi, freshman double major in marketing and communications, said. “The audience all joined in the snapping in the opening number.”

Before the opening number, the commute made an impact.

The rain did not stop the students and family on Oct. 14 on the bus for New York from displaying their enthusiasm. A vote took place of which movie to watch for the bus ride there. “Addams Family Values” gained the majority of the votes from most on the bus. This set the mood for the trip.

Melanie Felkner, freshman special education major, enjoyed the movie playing because it got her even more ready for the show.

Felkner, who usually goes to New York with her parents, found it “definitely more fun” being with her friends to see a Broadway show, walking around the city, shopping and visiting great places like the Stardust Restaurant and M&M world.

Lilly Hatheway, freshman honors student, who also spent her time with her friends, had a ball. Spending over an hour in the five-story Forever 21, she basked over the ability to walk around, see different stores and simply enjoy herself prior to the show.

After the whole group divvied into sub-divisions, the Cabrini entourage all gathered in the lounge area of the mezzanine. There, everyone was more-than ready for the show.

Samantha Shea, sophomore criminology major, and Theresa Paesani, sophomore graphic design major, were analyzing the environment with an eye for theater. Both are the students in charge of the college’s very own stage crew.  As they read through the playbill, they took note of who was starring, what was different from the original production and what understudies where filling in for the night.

Also taking note of the cast was Hathaway. “I thought that Wednesday did a really good job. I was surprised because she was the understudy,” Hathaway said. “It made me wonder what the real actor was like.”

Shea was disappointed to see that Wednesday’s  hair was not in the iconic “Wednesday pigtails” and the actress adourned short hair. Her short hair  “was to demonstrate her maturity,” Paesani said.

The music, the dancing and the acting were very impressive. There was not a bored face in the audience. With the changing of scenery to include the city of New York, playful use of puppets and helpless romance stories, the twist of “The Addams Family” kept the audience engaged with suspense, laughter and compassion.

All of the actors gave a dynamic show.  While they all were impressive, the grandma had the most votes for favorite character. Felkner described her as hilarious especially at the dinner table when the guests came to visit. Hathaway said that the grandmother was a “comic relief.”

With Wednesday falling in love, Gomez and Morticia Addams are forced to cope with their daughter growing up and issues stirring of their own and Pugsley has become saddened because his sister no longer tortures him.  The play was strong and entertaining through the very last scene.

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Jessica Johnson-Petty

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