Drug of choice can be the hardest choice, students say

By Dominique DiNardo
April 18, 2015

Deciding a major, that is hard. Choosing what to do with your life after college is even harder. But, millennials choosing which drug is their favorite? That is easy.

In an age where change is perpetual, millennials have worked to stay current.  Fashion trends change, technology develops and drug choice varies.

According to a Cabrini student administered online survey consisting of a convenience sample of milennials, more than 81 percent are most likely inclined to smoke marijuana. 41 percent say that stimulants like Adderal or Ritalin are their second drug of choice. Drugs like cocaine, depressants, mushrooms and opioids lie in the middle range. Acid, heroine and prescription cough syrup with codeine or “lean” trail behind those.  And finally, crystal meth is the most unlikely choice of drug for the average millennial.

With marijuana being decriminalized in Philadelphia and legal in some west coast states, millennials do not always realize how much it can actually get them into trouble. According to the 2014 Fire and Safety report on Cabrini’s campus in 2013, there were 29 drug offenses.  In 2012, there were 20 offenses, and two of those cases ended in arrests.

Adderall is a drug prescribed to those who have attention-deficit disorders.  However, many millenials have used these pills to enhance their performance in school. Although used to help in positive setting, if drug-tested without a prescription for it, millennials could be faced with some troubling consequences.

Matt Definis, junior buisness administration major, is prescribed adderall. “I use it throughout the day and it keeps me keep focus on tasks without getting distracted by something else. My mind is set directly on what needs to be done.”

 Millennials are producing riveting material in the professional world. Between enhancing education, advancing technology past expectation and integrating their updated culture with old stereotypes, millennials are working to change the world. However, getting caught using illegal stimulating drugs could be their kryptonite.
“They abuse the drug’s purpose.  They use it to get high or suppress an appetite,” Matt said.
Although drugs have always been involved in the social and professional world, millennials seem to have more options.  Whether they are using them to enhance their professional performance, wind down from their exhausting work-week or simply feeding an addiction, drugs are still a factor in the millennial generation.

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