Midnight Madness opens winter season

By Kellie Belmonte
October 21, 2004

Shane Evans

Picture four sets of bleachers, separated by the four classes of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. On Friday, Oct. 22, the gym in the Dixon Center will be filled with screams, cheers and laughter of friends as everyone gets together and prepares for a night of fun at Midnight Madness.

This year the athletic department is playing the most major role in the whole set-up of midnight madness. All sorts of activites and fun that have been planned for the students of Cabrini. There will be a basketball game of the faculty and staff vs. the students. The gym will be filled with all sorts of contests and free food. There will also be the very anticipated performances by the dance team and the newly founded cheerleading squad. The basketball team will be getting everyone pumped up as they are introduced for the start of the season.

One issue with Midnight Madness in the past has been the problem with alcohol being brought into the gym. Many students claim that Midnight Madness is used as an excuse to party and drink. Leslie Danehy, Athletic Director, denies these claims and said, “We will have public safety on duty in the Dixon Center, but I haven’t ever seen any problems with alcohol in the gym.”

Tyler Sanford, sophomore, political science major, disagrees with Danhey’s statement. “Everyone I know plans on drinking before Midnight Madness, and I can guarentee there will be alcohol snuck into the gym. I was there last year and I saw it myself with my own eyes. I even know of people who were written up last year for it,” Sanford said.

Danhey says that they plan on drawing a crowd of about 400-500 people. Sophomore Debbie Maloney said, “I can’t wait to go to Midnight Madness. I had so much fun last year. It’s a great chance to have fun and just let go with some of your friends. I know a lot of people are going.”

Many of the freshmen are also looking forward to their first Midnight Madness. Tim Hague, freshman, said, “I plan on going to Midnight Madness with a group of my friends because we heard from upperclassmen how much fun it is.”

Danehy said, “I’m very excited about it. All the students really seem to love it a lot.”

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Kellie Belmonte

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