Marketplace hosts ‘concert of flavor’

By Eric Povish
February 26, 2009

Loud thumping music and fresh aromas wafting through the air greeted students as they entered Cabrini’s Marketplace on Wednesday. Feb. 11. Cabrini College held host to the Chef’s Fair, a competition between local college chefs, which featured Cabrini’s very own Chef Rodney Stockett.

“What we do is we get the closest chefs in the district and they have a cook off,” Bob Veasy, Sedexo representative, said. “We have the kids vote on their favorite. It gets a little hometowny, but it’s a fun experience and a good experience for everyone.”

This year’s cook off had Stockett
facing off against the chefs from Ursinus College, Delaware Valley College and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medication.

Each of the schools have their own Cook off’s scheduled in the future.

“A Concert of Flavor” was the theme for the night. The DJ in the corner of the room spilled out the sounds that would serve as the soundtrack to the night’s dinner. Around the room were posters that talked about music and food together.

“I think we were all just a little caught off guard,” freshman communication major Liz Scopelliti said. “We were expecting cheese burgers and fries.”

The food for the night was prepared by the chefs and according to Ursinus College’s Chef Craig, “was a real labor of the love.”

His smoked trout and Irish car bomb inspired dessert were student favorites.

“My favorite was the chicken and pineapple apple rice,” Brittney Hume, freshman math major, said. “I also really like the Irish car bomb.”

Erin McCole, senior chemistry major, was so won over by the competition that she gave her vote to them. “I am voting for Ursinus. I liked the Irish car bomb and the fish was really good. It made a great combo.”

Some students enjoyed the food so much that they had a hard time making up their mind.

“I don’t know what I am eating but it’s banging,” Rizwan Ishmal, senior Spanish and secondary education major, said. “It’s the best food the cafeteria has had all year.”

At the end of the night the winner of the cook of was revealed to be Cabrini’s own Stockett.

Even though he did not win, Chef Steven Rothstein of Delaware Valley College still had a successful night. “I ran out of food early. I cooked the same amount of food for tonight as I did for Mansfield University. You guys eat a lot.”

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Eric Povish

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