Changes coming to Cabrini: Here’s a looking planned renovation projects

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By Jacob Pegan
March 2, 2022

A concrete pathway in the middle of bare trees and dead grass.
Pathway behind the Mansion between the dorms and Library Photo by: Jacob Pegan

Over the next couple of years Cabrini’s campus may look a little different.

Currently, the university has four main projects on the drawing board for future renovations around the campus. These projects are the library, possibly Founder’s Hall classroom renovations, lighting around campus and general campus improvements such as paving.

Here are some of the planned renovations that Chief of Staff, Brian Eury, and his office are working to get finalized.

The Holy Spirit Library

The Holy Spirit Library was built in 1965, making it one of the oldest buildings on campus. The university has been trying to address many renovation projects related to the library for quite some time now but hasn’t been able to get the funding yet.

Some of the things the university would like to address are removing the asbestos that is in the library

Holy Spirit Library
Photo by: Jacob Pegan

and redoing the flooring and ceiling. Improving the layout and utilization of interior spaces is also something planned for the library. The university would also like to upgrade the library’s elevator and bathrooms to make them more modern and up to date.

According to renovations plans, the commuter’s lounge would eventually be moved out of the basement of the library to somewhere more accessible and central on campus.

However, to make these renovations possible, funding is needed.

Ultimately the university won’t be able to make any of these upgrades without the help of the Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) state grant. The RACP is a Commonwealth grant program administered by the Office of the Budget for the acquisition and construction of regional economic, cultural, civic, recreational and historical improvement projects.

The hope is to have a grant proposal submitted by April 2022 and have it granted by July 2022. The renovations of the library are slated to start by summer 2023.

“I think these changes to the library will be good,” Alyssa Remington, freshmen graphic design major, said.

Founder’s Hall

The university has also been looking to potentially upgrade some of the classrooms in Founder’s Hall. Renovating the communications department wing and reorganizing are also being considered, however, there isn’t a timeline as to when these possible renovations would be made, according to Cabrini’s preliminary renovation plans.

“I think that’s great news that some classrooms are potentially going to be renovated in Founders’ Hall,” Cecilia Cannan, sophomore design management major, said.

Lighting around Campus

There has also been talks about putting up more lights around

campus by this summer. Specifically more lights along the pathway behind the mansion. These lights would help students who are walking along the pathway at night. To put up lights around campus Cabrini won’t need to use money from a RACP grant since the university still has some money left over from the grant they received for making the parking garage and the road loop by Woodcrest.

General Improvement around campus

The university also wants to make general improvements around campus. This includes redoing some of the paving and making the outside of the campus nicer.

Students are finding the new changes to be a good thing.

“Woodcrest, in general, could use renovations to make it more modern,” Remington said, but still thinks more needs to be done, specifically mentioning the bathrooms as a need for renovation.

“I would love to see Cavs and the Grill renovated. For me, our dining halls are a space for the community, and you should feel a sense of comfort when going there,” Cannan said.

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IMG_2717 (2)

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