Victoria Secret has another successful run

By Jessica Johnson-Petty
December 6, 2011

“Calling all Angels: Models to the runway,” the theme for Victoria’s Secret 2011 Fashion Show, “It’s Show Time,” set the tone and the company followed through. As VS put their unique spin on the brand’s sexy lingerie and other colorful creations as the Angels’ personality shined through, live performances and flawless editing made the show.

The Angels, who are loved by many, hit the runway with their memorable struts. Adriana, Doutzen, Miranda, Alessandra, Lily, Lindsay, Lais, Erin, Chanel, Behati and Candice are the familiar faces and silhouettes that the fans are used to.  This year, Karlie Kloss, 19, took the runway for the first time. She proved that she belonged with her bubbly personality and fierce walk when it was time. After the classically-toned music gave the introduction for the VS experience, it was time for it all to begin.

This year’s collections were remarkable. The first scene for the show was “Ballet.” The Angels modeled lingerie with ballet-themed attire. The models wore ballet heels and many wings to tie the collection together. The models embraced their mistakes and proved their professionalism even when the ballet shoe came loose.

“In 2007, I was supposed to perform this song on this show, and I lost my super hero; now she’s my super angel,” artist Kanye West said as he was the next to step on the runway. He was referring to the death of his mother. The heart-felt moment quieted the audience, then a rumble of applause as the beat dropped and shouts for Angel Adriana. West preformed his hit “Stronger,” as the models modeled in superhero-inspired pieces as Super Angels.

What makes Victoria Secret fashion shows unique? While watching the show from home, the viewers are given the ability to go behind the runway to see how the Angels prepare, and their thoughts on fun topics such as their first VS fashion show, what super power would they would want to have, childhood memories, favorite outfits and who they are off the runway also what goes into getting the fashion show to tick and to learn the inspiration behind the collection. It gives a rush to the viewers.

Introducing “Passion,” the third scene of the show, was a video clip of what the inspiration of the collection was about. Sophia Neophitou, collection creative director, and Todd Thomas, collection designer, stated that there was seductive couture with Latin Spanish references; the pieces of Passion were elaborate. One piece was beaded and hand embroidered in India. Another unique touch to the collection were the wings, of course. A particular wing set was bejeweled with gold plates to represent a fan, worn by Alessandra.

Love was on the stage when it came to “Aquatic Angels.” This collection gave the creatures of the sea a sexy look. Maroon 5 performed the music that sounded this portion of the show. Adam Levine, vocalist of the band, and Angel Anne V are dating. When she hit the runway, she blew a kiss to him and they held hands as she walked and gave her time to shine as she posed at the end. Running up to pose, he gave her a kiss with a slight dramatic pause as she smiled gorgeously in slow motion.

The editing of the show was to perfection. Jay-Z and West performed one of their hit songs from their album “Watch the Throne.” The crowd was actively involved with their performance as they moved their arms in the air. The special effect slow motion added to the hype of  the song. Fans at home were impressed.

Leeanna Sierra, freshman psychology major, watched the show with Moda dal Vivo–fashion club and said, “I loved the editing of the show. It was better that the viewers from home didn’t see everything live, and got to see all the effects.”

In yet another video clip, Thomas informed viewers that while putting together “I Put a Spell on You,” they were attempting to accomplish the look of “steamy, sultry turn of the century New Orleans” with a look of innocence and flirt, Neophitou added.

As always, “Pink” was the final scene. Nikki Minaj put on an interesting but quite entertaining performance. She wore a unique twist of Pink that fit the usual Nikki look. Minaj’s  male dancers even wore Pink and hit every dance move sharply.

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Jessica Johnson-Petty

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