I don’t read the Loquitur!

By Jessica Johnson-Petty
February 27, 2012

What is The Loquitur? We have a college newspaper? It’s online too? Oh, I don’t read that. The college paper does not get support from the faculty, staff or peers.
The pressure that is put on the staff of The Loquitur is at a maximum and the support from the community is below minimum.
After being established for over 50 years, winning multiple awards and consistently growing, they continue to strive to publish weekly.
It is done for you. It is done for you who decide to pick up the paper. It is done for the alumni, satellite campuses and the main campus.
It is done for the faculty members who decide to leave it in their mailboxes and the residents that decide to use it as a paper-mache project.
It is written to be read, to start conversation and to inform. The tag line that is printed on each article is “You Speak, We Listen.”
The staff stands by that.
You have spoken, we have listened. We write, you read.
“I was quoted incorrectly.”
Each reporter comes to each interview prepared with some type of device that can record what you are saying in order to assure that you were quoted correctly and accredited with the proper attribution.
I apologize if you feel that way. If we ever get the story wrong, please feel free to email the reporter. Our work is not anonymous. The email address of each reporter is at the end of each piece. If you are confused by a quote or something else we wrote, please elaborate and we will explain ourselves.
We quote as recorded and the truth is everyone has an opinion, but may not like how it looks on ink.
“Once again, the Loquitur got the story wrong.”
Dear professor, I was not sitting in your class. My friends were there and my peers and a fellow staff writer. Cabrini has approximately 1,700 undergraduate students. Word spreads fast.
I would like to take the time to thank you. Thank you for your criticism that was not constructive. Your non-support has made me realize how hard I have to work to prove you wrong.
I would like to challenge you. Please publish all of your students’ work. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Have it be peer-edited and published solely by your fellow students not only for our campus but online for the world to see. I will applaud you after the work is published and 125 percent flawless.
If the story is incorrect, it is how the reporter interpreted it. The Loquitur is a form of media. As communicators it is up to us to feed the world; how the audience interprets it is up to them. Perception is different from reality. Your perception is The Loquitur’s story is wrong. The reality is that is your opinion.
The Loquitur is a credible news source. The campus is small with very little breaking news. The campus news is covered and beyond the gates of our community. With stories covered in the community and beyond, we continue to work hard for what we publish. You see, we do not read The Loquitur. Who does? We are the Loquitur. We report, investigate, write and publish The Loquitur. You speak, we listen. We report, you read.


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Jessica Johnson-Petty

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