How to do: Newspaper Nails

By Lia Ferrante
March 17, 2012

Do you have a favorite newspaper article that you would want to see on your nails for everyone to see? By having this new fashion statement broadcasted on your body, you will be sure to get your friends buzzing. Pinterest has numerous photos and how-to step-by-step posters that make any reader easy to achieve having newspaper nails. In addition, many blogs around the Internet have been discussing about this new nail design.

The newspaper nail design is quick and easy to assemble and it takes just as long as if you were just painting your nails a simple color. This design will make your nails pop and stand out from all other nail designs that anyone has ever done. The steps are self-explanatory for anyone to achieve.

There are basic necessities that will be needed before starting to paint your nails. You will need a nail file, a basecoat and topcoat of nail polish, a light color nail polish, which is either a white or cream color, small strips of any newspaper article that you prefer, a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a small glass dish for easy assembling. The hardest part of the newspaper design is being able to have the newspaper print stick to your nails as the way you would like.

First, find a font style from the article that you like the best and what you think will look good on your nails. When you find the article and font style that you think is best, make sure you cut out small strips of the article that is big enough to fit your whole nail. After cutting out the strips of newspaper, paint your nails with a basecoat and allow them to dry completely. After they are dry, paint your nails with two or more coats of the color of your choice and allow them to dry completely.

Once the nails are completely dry, add rubbing alcohol into a small dish. Dip each of your fingers into the dish for 10-15 seconds to allow the alcohol to absorb into your nail. As soon as you take your nail out of the rubbing alcohol, take a strip of the newspaper that you previously cut out and press onto your nail firmly. This will allow the font of the article to be pressed onto your nail. Don’t just take off the newspaper article off your nail quickly. Rub off the article by rolling your finger until the strip of paper comes off completely. For the end result, paint your nails with a topcoat for a great shine and strength for your nails. If it doesn’t come out perfect the first time, make sure you keep practicing at it to make it better for the next time.

Newspaper nails are the new fashion statement for women who love reading the newspaper and want to show it off on their nails.

1.)    You will need: a nail file, base coat and top coat, light color nail polish (white or cream is best), small strips of newspaper, rubbing alcohol, and a small glass dish.

2.)    Find a font style from a newspaper that you like the best. Cut small strips of the newspaper that will fit your whole nail.

3.)    Paint your nails with a basecoat and add two or more coats of color. Let the nails dry completely.

4.)    Once the nails are dry, add a bit of rubbing alcohol into a small glass dish. Dip your finger one at a time into the dish for about 10-15 seconds.

5.)    After taking your nail out of the rubbing alcohol, grab a piece of the newspaper and press it onto your nails firmly.

6.)    Roll your finger when you take off the newspaper from your nail.

7.) Finish off by painting on a top coat to your nails.

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Lia Ferrante

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