Health care: should it be changed?

By Liz Lavin
October 18, 2007

MCT campus

“I want to see a more comprehensive health care system for everyone that doesn’t have a good job.”
Brian Lynch,
2007 graduate of St. Joseph’s University

“I think there are significant problems with health care in the U.S. The fact that you have almost 50 million people with no adequate insurance is worrying. Some of these people are hard working individuals with poor paying jobs. If the state could provide better incentives for private health care then this could perhaps improve the situation.
Paul Lilly
Freshman study abroad student from Ireland

“As a humanitarian I believe that everyone should have coverage because people don’t stay healthy forever. My family is lucky enough to have coverage but for those who don’t everyone deserves to have it.”
Lindsey Harner
Junior psychology major

“I think everyone should be entitled to health care. It’s one of the biggest problems America faces today. Universal Health Care would be a great step. That’s why, we need to pay attention to what we’re voting for.”
Elizabeth Brachelli
2007 Cabrini College graduate

“I used to be against [universal health care] but now it seems like that’s the best way to go. We need to find a way to make it (health care) more affordable.”
Barry Barnett
father of Jonathan Barnett

“I think America’s Health Coverage system could use some improvement. It’s sad to know that people get turned away from hospitals and doctors’ offices because they do not have sufficient health insurance. There should be some sort of reasonable alternative for people who can’t afford the health care benefits you receive as a college graduate working a full time job because obviously not every one has the opportunity to graduate college.
Jeremy Stevens
2007 Cabrini College graduate

“I do know that there are major problems concerning the sky-high prices that America’s senior citizens have to pay for their medicine. Personally, I think it’s sad that older Americans have to choose between eating a decent meal or paying for their heart medicine. Just today, featured a story on how people diagnosed with cancer are basically having to choose whether to die from their disease or to fight it and sink further and further into debt by figuring out a way to pay for their treatments.”
Kristin Catalanotto
2006 Cabrini College graduate

“It is such a pivotal issue, not only in upcoming elections, but in our society. I did work in a day care and the law requires children to be covered. There have been times when some kids in our care don’t have insurance. However, I feel like if the law requires it, they should somehow provide it.”
Gail Ziegler
2007 Cabrini College graduate

“Health care right now is unreasonable. Deductibles are astronomical; if I have to go to the hospital and stay overnight I have to pay all $3000. The system needs to be changed.”
Paula Turnbach
mother of Grayce Turnbach

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Liz Lavin

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