Health care overhaul raises controversy

By Amanda Carson
September 3, 2009

Shannon Keough

In 1776 our founding fathers met to sign this important document called the Constitution. I’m fairly sure that your fifth grade history lessons taught you the specifics about this document and assured your naive ten-year old minds that our government truly is dedicated to protecting your rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Well, now that we are in college and hopefully not so naive anymore, I hope you have learned the same new lesson that I have: the government is entirely corrupt and doesn’t give a he-uh heck about you. Sorry to be slightly negative, but I’m just calling it how I see it.

With that being established, this brings me to the following point; if Thomas Jefferson and the gang really were concerned about our well being then why didn’t they think to guarantee us universal health care?

Maybe it wasn’t a major priority for them, since they lived in a time where personal hygiene and medical advancements were lacking.

I recall my freshman year when I took a sociology course that examined our societal flaws. One day we watched a video in which people on welfare were interviewed.

They all had a different story, yet they seemed to share one thing in common they did not want to have to continue relying on welfare.

I’m sure you may now be wondering if they didn’t want to rely on welfare then why were they still on it? The answer: if they weren’t on welfare they would not be receiving healthcare.

Aside from protecting themselves, many of the welfare recipients were parents who couldn’t bear to not provide their children with healthcare.

Those interviewed reasoned, why get off welfare? To work a job in which they would receive the same payments and no healthcare.

I completely agree, it makes sense and if you are far too ignorant to think that these people actually want to stay on welfare, wake up and smell the freaking coffee! THEY DON’T.

Anyway, that is my main argument for why we should have, no why we NEED, universal healthcare.

We live in such a hypocritical country. Wal-Mart waves the American flag in its commercial, yet buys its products from foreign countries.

The president is supposed to be a source of truth.

Nixon lied to his own country in the Watergate scandal and so did Bill Clinton, which needs no explanation.

We are so proud boasting how advanced our government is; yet we don’t have universal healthcare.

Want to know a fun fact? We think we are so advanced but there are so many other countries that have universal healthcare, including Iraq and some of them even received funding from our war efforts.

Point blank, I think everyone deserves to receive funding for healthcare. It just makes sense.

No one should have to worry about paying for healthcare. I know I sound like bubble gum and gumdrops, but I can’t help how I feel.

The government may not always be looking out for our best interests, but maybe it could grow a heart and offer its citizens universal healthcare, maybe someday.

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Amanda Carson

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