New year, new annoyances

By Melanie Greenberg
January 13, 2011

This is without a doubt the worst time of the year. Not because of the mountains of snow or the pale ghostly person who looks back at me in the mirror each day. It is the New Year’s gym-goers. Nothing makes me more mad than walking into the gym during January and February and having to wait for a treadmill.

I get so angry when I have to wait while a group of guys talks about last night and does about one rep per machine. Good for those who truly want to lose weight or live a healthier lifestyle, but seriously, if you have to do your makeup before you go to the gym, please stop wasting my time. It is going to sweat off anyway!

I have been an avid gym rat for about four years. Each December I begin to dread the following two months. I won’t say that I am self conscious of myself at the gym but with the gym being so crowded with people who don’t really give

Classes are full in January sometimes pushing the regulars out. At least for the month.

a damn, it is irritable and makes me somewhat uncomfortable.

It may seem as if I have a hostile view on things but I basically live at the gym. I know the people who go there, as creepy as it sounds. There are those who I have seen shed weight, bulk up, fall off the wagon, become scary thin, you name it. I may not know them by name but month after month, we’re all there for the same purpose.

Each year, and you may be one of them, people make New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier and run a marathon or something along those lines. Each Jan. 2, I see that line out the door filled with people waiting to sign up for their membership and it sometimes makes me dread it enough to just turn around and run home. There are some of those people who stick with it and become passionate about exercise. Those are the people who are still sweating it out come March.

My sister happens to be one of those people I applaud in March. She lost probably close to 20 pounds over the past year. Granted she did have me showing her how to use the machines properly and it is always easier to stay motivated when someone else is pushing you.

Let’s get another thing straight. If a person decides to exercise, make sure what is being done, is done correctly. I can deal with waiting around to use a certain machine if the user is actually doing the exercise correctly, and let me tell you they better be sweating. What I cannot deal with is a person doing something so completely wrong. I wish I could just tell them that what you’re doing could very well hurt them and make them unable to walk in the morning, or is doing absolutely nothing and they are just wasting everyone’s time.

Shown is the volume of online searches for the term “gym.” As you can see there is an obvious increase at the beginning of every year as resolutions are made. Source : Google Trends

Now I really sound bitchy so I give my congratulations to the 12 percent of those who make their New Year’s resolutions and keep them. According to psychologist Emily VonSonnenberg, most have given up their resolutions by June. What puzzles me is the fact that people don’t want to keep feeling accomplished after sweating it out for an hour or so.

Maybe reading this may piss someone off just enough to encourage them to prove me wrong and lose that extra five pounds or just keep healthy and I say, good for you. I’d rather the gym be crowded with people who try and succeed than those who just stare in the mirror at themselves for 45 minutes.

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Melanie Greenberg

1 thought on “New year, new annoyances”

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