Government finally taking action towards wounded troops in Iraq

By Christina Cimmino
March 22, 2007

As soldiers serving our country you would think that the government would be able to take better care of the people who preserve our freedom and fight the battles that so many of us don’t take the time to recognize. But why now? Aren’t we five years into this war?

President Bush announced that he was forming a bipartisan panel to investigate the conditions of military hospitals mostly after the public exposure of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, which Bush called “unacceptable.” Well it’s about time someone noticed.

Why is it that our country always likes to ignore certain of most important issues, yet we can completely consume our lives with stories like “Who is Anna Nicole’s baby’s father?” or “Britney is back in rehab again.” We cannot wake up and realize that there are men and women fighting for our rights and for our freedoms and they are not getting the treatment that they most definitely deserve.

Those individuals who risk their own lives for their country, for their people, are individuals who should be treated like royalty, but instead the services that are provided for them are infested with rats and cockroaches and have mold on the ceilings. That’s hardly royal treatment.

The government needs to be much more thorough with whom they hire on their staff and the outside help that they seek so that these problems are taken much more seriously because up until now it has taken a back seat to the other apparent issues that has aroused throughout the duration of this war.

As of right now there are only investigations that will be done but shouldn’t immediate action be taken? We are talking about the well-being and health of so many individuals right? As an American citizen I am completely disgusted with our government and 2008 cannot come any sooner. It is more than apparent that we need some new blood flowing in this country.

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Christina Cimmino

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