Future presidential elections spark excitement in first-time voter

By Christina Cimmino
February 22, 2007

As the time rolls around, once again the presidential elections are the headlines of the news. I find myself even more excited because it will be the first time that I am able to vote for the next president of the United States.

This election, however, makes history by having an Italian, an African-American and a woman all running for the presidency. However, I am biased because as a true “New Yorker” I have a soft spot for our former mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

Now, maybe I’m not being completely fair because there is another candidate who is representing New York, Sen. Hilary Rodham Clinton, but to be honest, I simply cannot stand the woman.

Though I think it is definitely time for a woman to assume the presidential position, I don’t feel that Sen. Clinton is the individual to do it.

I have personally met Mayor Giuliani before, and I have personally seen the changes that he has implemented in New York City like crime, education and cleanliness of the city. It seems obvious enough to me that he would be the perfect person for the position.

Some may say that he is not the best candidate because he has some skeletons in his closet. One that most people know is that he has had a mistress before and has also been married three times.

But then again, he was the exact person to pick the entire city of New York up through the tragedy of Sept. 11.

While some people may think that President George Bush was a very influential person with the aftermath of 9/11, Giuliani was the person who everyone was looking to.

By personally meeting him, I know that his intentions for people are nothing but the best, and when “push comes to shove,” he is the one that was making a difference.

Though I have my opinions on who I think would be a good president and why, I think that the bottom line is that as college students we have a responsibility to ourselves and to our country to make a difference.

I feel that I have educated myself enough through the facts that I have found out on each of the individuals running. So get out, educate yourself, vote and make a difference!

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Christina Cimmino

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